Monday, July 5, 2010

Chair Sleep

For any of you out there that work a second job or who have worked the night shift you know the value of a quick nap. While my wife would swear that I could sleep on a picket fence my frequent location for a convenient nap is any chair in proximity to a television. The following excerpt was sent to me by my large and gentle Irish friend who sharing in my frustration of being awakened to go to bed has stumbled upon some answers to this dilemma.

Why is it that women universally hate to see a man sleep in a chair?

I first noticed this phenomenon on summer vacation with my grandparents. Gramp worked third shift in a bearing factory so he was coming home just about the time we were waking up. After having breakfast together, (and checking his lunch box to see what might have been left over there - usually a choice piece of fruit or candy bar) he would go settle in his comfortable chair in the living room.

He had an hour or so before going to his second job trimming hedges and mowing greens at a nearby golf course. I learned quickly that he now just wanted to be left alone, so I did. Within minutes he would be sound asleep but this peaceful repose did not last for every time he dropped off, regular as clockwork, my grandmother would come in, wake him up, and tell him that if he was so tired, he should go to bed and get some "real sleep."

Every morning, he would answer that by the time he got undressed and cleaned up for bed, it would be time to get up again. He always added that he was already getting some "real sleep" until she woke him up. Some mornings she would just whisk off at that point, other times it would escalate into a row, but every morning she would come back and duplicate the process as soon as he dropped off again.

The rest is here.

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