Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alien Abduction

Spoiled dog.  I asked the two people at my parents house who they were and what they did with my Mom and Dad.  Clearly they have been abducted and replaced by space aliens.  It it the only explanation.

Can't put my finger on it....

But I am getting a vibe that 2010 will be a good year.  Hope it is, for all of us.

Stupid Bimbos

One thing that is certain to give me a case of "the ass" is stupidity.  It seems to be running rampant as of late.  The attempt of an Islamo-fascist to bomb a US airliner on Christmas Day has called in to question the current administrations ability to protect us against acts of terror.  It is abundantly clear that there was a failure of the Homeland Security apparatus.  It is also clear that someone, probably Napolitano's head, should roll for this failure.

The thing that really pisses me off about the whole affair was the reaction of a woman interviewed shortly after the incident.  The reporter was inquiring about the stepped up security measure in the wake of the incident.  This stupid egocentric person saw fit to call the stepped up security measures as silly and inconvenient.  Nice.

Of course if it was her children that were strewn over the bottom of the Atlantic from such an attack she would wail about how the system failed her.  I guess safety is secondary to convenience.  It is people like this that will be the ruin of this country.  Sadly it is people like this who are currently running it.

Not playing

URUMQI, China — China on Tuesday executed a British man convicted of drug smuggling in its first execution of a European citizen in half a century, drawing a strong condemnation from Britain's prime minister.

Britain's Foreign Office confirmed the execution of Akmal Shaikh, whose relatives say was mentally unstable and was unwittingly lured into the crime.

It is clear the Chinese Government has hit on a policy that will eliminate recidivism in narcotics trafficking.  Perhaps they are on to something here.

The rest here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

As the most important holiday in my family winds down into the peace of Christmas Night I just want to take the time to wish all of my dear friends and readers of the Dirty Copper a Merry Christmas and a peace and joy filled new year.  May the abundant blessings of our Lord and Savior descend upon you and yours.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stay Kitty!

Maybe it was nine lives, but one feline is lucky to be alive after he was found with his paws glued to a Minnesota interstate, KSFY.com reported.

A couple saw the cat on the side of the road and thought it had been injured by a car, the KSFY.com reported. But the cat was stuck, though its paw pads were ripped off by the glue when the couple removed him from the road, the site reported.

Here is the article.

Stupid, stupid, stupid

In my almost fifty years on planet Earth I have been witness to many ill conceived ideas. In fact, a good deal of them have been mine. Having been overexposed to stupidity while in the public service the bar has been set fairly high for those things I would characterize as monumentally stupid. Socialized medicine, the Democratic Party in general, the entire Kennedy family in particular, just to name a few. Today we will be adding one to the list.

SAN JOSE, California — Police in California are testing head-mounted cameras to record interactions with the public.

The test using 18 patrol officers comes as citizens' groups criticize the department for too often using force during arrests.

Officers are to turn on the cameras every time they talk with anyone. They download the recordings after every shift.

Reasonable expectations of privacy aside lets talk a bit about the realities of police work. The large part of the effectiveness of any police department is based on discretion given to the officer. Now, some would argue that this type of discretion leads to families of officers getting away with minor traffic violations and officers turning a blind eye to minimal offenses. This is true. What is also true is that this same discretion allows them to give you the benefit of the doubt when you run a light. Divert your child to a non criminal justice diversion for graffiti rather than charging them with criminal mischief. Well, the list goes on and on.

This proposal by the San Jose PD will remove this discretion and put officers under a microscope. A microscope manned by a bureaucrat or worse yet an academic who will try to change societies ills with some new zany idea every month. American policing and the discretion it requires are what enables ordinary men and women in uniform to keep this society from coming apart at the seams. Using head cameras is about as well thought as the global warming crusade or putting the government in charge of healthcare. It just does not make any sense.

The rest here.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Christmas Spirit

Like everyone else I am in full pre Christmas frenzy.  Shopping, cooking, the list goes on and on.  Just take a minute and remember a scared First Century Jewish girl traveling to Bethlehem.  Very poor, very pregnant and about to play an integral part in changing the world, forever.

In the special place in Hell Department

OSWIECIM, Poland  —  The Nazis' infamous sign declaring "Arbeit Macht Frei" — German for "Work Sets You Free" — was stolen Friday from the entrance of the former Auschwitz death camp, Polish police said.

Unbelievable that someone could be so insensitive or stupid to deface such a place.  In addition to the six million Jews who dies in the holocaust there were persons of many nationalities and religions.  All suffered and died.  Who could be so callous?

The rest here.


As Democrats race against the clock to pass a sweeping health care bill before Christmas, Sen. Ben Nelson, the only known Democratic holdout, has positioned himself to play Santa or the Grinch.
The Nebraska Democrat is pushing to include air-tight restrictions on abortion funding in the bill, but that's not all he wants.

Here is hoping that Sen. Nelson has the strength to hold off the rest of his party and prevent irreparable damage to our country and the future of our children.

The rest here.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Now that I have your attention please watch the video.  It was made in support of the pink glove fundraiser that supports breast cancer research.  So if you are like me and like boobs and the important women in your life that happen to be attached to them, buy the gloves and support the research.  You might be saving your Mother, Wife or Daughter.

Think you know the most stupid person on the planet?

Clearly you are mistaken.  Unless you met the woman who wrote the following:

The "inconvenient truth" overhanging the UN's Copenhagen conference is not that the climate is warming or cooling, but that humans are overpopulating the world.
A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.
The world's other species, vegetation, resources, oceans, arable land, water supplies and atmosphere are being destroyed and pushed out of existence as a result of humanity's soaring reproduction rate.
Ironically, China, despite its dirty coal plants, is the world's leader in terms of fashioning policy to combat environmental degradation, thanks to its one-child-only edict.

Just when you thought the environmental fringe weenies could not push the envelope further you have this sad, sad clown telling us in essence, that we as humans, are the equivalent of a parasitic infection of planet Earth. 

While finishing my undergraduate studies I was required to take an Earth Science course.  You know, moron science designed for non science majors like myself.  It was taught by a dyed in the wool liberal professor who really liked the prospects of a liberal government.  He told us that the impact humans have on this planet is similar to the impact a fly has on an elephant.  In other words, we are insignificant. And more importantly, global warming is a bunch of crapola.

So it appears to me that under the guise of environmentalism, folks like the author of this dubious article have another agenda.  Abortion rights?  Who knows?

As  hundreds of movers and shakers descend on Denmark in their private jets to debate what our futures will hold and how they will restrict our daily lives to fight  global warming please remember that they are idiots.    The rest here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You have to be kidding me

President Barack Obama told House Republican leaders to "stop trying to frighten the American people" even as he and Democrats said they see a possibility for bipartisan cooperation on job creation legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters that Obama made the admonition during a bipartisan meeting at the White House on Wednesday, producing a chart to show Republicans that "things are a lot better."

Yeah, for this guy.

A contract worth nearly $6 million in stimulus funds was awarded by the Obama adminstration to two firms run by Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's pollster in 2008.

The Hill newspaper reported that two companies run by Mark Penn -- Clinton's pollster during her 2008 presidential run -- received $5.97 million from the $787 billion stimulus package so he could preserve three jobs at his public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller. 

Hands in the cookie jar again.

Who could care?

HOUSTON (AP) - Voters in a hotly contested runoff election will decide Saturday whether Houston will become the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor.

City Controller Annise Parker has never made a secret or an issue of her sexual orientation, but others have lately catapulted it into the center of the mayoral race.

Anti-gay activists and conservative religious groups have endorsed her opponent, former city attorney 61-year-old Gene Locke. Some have also sent out mailers condemning Parker's "homosexual behavior."

Frankly, who cares if she is gay? It has nothing to do with her ability to perform in this secular office. If she is capable people should vote for her (unless she is a libtard). Frankly, if Jim McGreevey was a capable steward of the NJ Governor's office I would have voted for him. I didn't care that he was gay. I just didn't like the fact that he was a liar.

The rest here.

Academic legislation?

I don't know about you but I am getting really tired of being portrayed as though I tramp around the suburbs wearing a white hood. Check this one out.

A branch of the University of Minnesota may require all education students at the school to understand and accept that they are either privileged or oppressed and that they be well-versed in issues like "white privilege," "institutional racism” and the "myth of meritocracy in the United States."

Critics are condemning the Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group at the University of Minnesota win Cities, which proposes making race, class and gender issues the "overarching framework" of all teaching courses.

And if that isn't enough liberal stupidity for you try this on for size.

• "Future teachers will be able to discuss their own histories and current thinking drawing on notions of white privilege, hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity, and internalized oppression."

• Teachers will be able to articulate a "critical analysis of this story of America, for what it illuminates and what it hides or distorts" including:

- "myth of meritocracy in the United States"

- "historical connections between scientific racism, intelligence testing, and assumptions of fixed mental capacity"

- "alternative explanations for mobility (and lack of it)"

- "history of demands for assimilation to white, middle-class, Christian meanings and values"

- "history of white racism, with special focus on current colorblind ideology"

• "Future teachers are able to explain how institutional racism works in schools" and recognize that "schools and classrooms are often structured in ways that advantage and disadvantage some groups but are also critical sites for social and cultural transformation."

For some reason, I don't feel the need to run out and apologize to anyone. In fact, I can't be convinced that this idea is well thought out or serves a legitimate purpose. If any of the people that conceived of this notion think it will do anything but cause more racial tension they are wrong.

My great grandparents came to this country with nothing. While they did not come in actual chains they did suffer under the chains of poverty and ignorance. Through diligence, hard work and the desire to make a better lives for their families they elevated out collective social status to college educated professionals. That is the beauty of this country. Anyone can do it who chooses to. At my second full time job (because I want even better for my kids) I work with a group of doctors. Greater that fifty percent of them are African American. I do not fault them for their success. I admire them for it. Based on their performance as medical professionals I can safely assume that nobody gave them what they have. They earned it through hard work and a can do attitude. It is my hope that my children will have the drive and determination to succeed in their own way like those physicians and my immigrant great grandparents. So I would like to politely ask the nitwits of the alleged academic community to knock it off and try to focus on their job instead of constructing maniacal social policy.

Thus endeth the rant. Myth of meritocracy indeed.

The rest here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

A nice thing about working nights is being able to do things during the daytime that would otherwise be missed. Today I was able to go to Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at noon. The time I suppose was not important but what made it nice was that my daughter's entire school was in attendance.

The kids were well behaved (thank you parochial education), the church was packed, and the children's choir sang like angels. They sang all of the great Marian hymns and even managed to sing part of O Sanctissima in Latin.

Mater Dei, ora pro nobis!

Polish breakfast

The power of pierogi.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't know much about history

Or anything else for that matter.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his GOP-blasting rhetoric to a new level Monday, comparing Republicans who oppose health care reform to lawmakers who clung to the institution of slavery more than a century ago. 
The Nevada Democrat, in a sweeping set of accusations on the Senate floor, also compared health care foes to those who opposed women's suffrage and the civil rights movement -- even though it was Sen. Strom Thurmond, then a Democrat, who unsuccessfully tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and it was Republicans who led the charge against slavery. 

Yes Harry, you are wrong again.  The party that was against slavery was the Liberty Party which eventually became the Republican party.  Wrong about history and wrong about health care legislation.  Do us all a favor Harry and try drying your hair in the microwave.

The rest here.

Appearances can be deceiving

If you have been thinking that the fonts look a bit different....you are right.  Since I have a week or so before I jump back in to the academic meat grinder I am trying to catch up on a few little things that have been irritating me.  While blogspot is kind enough to host enterprises like mine for free I am realizing that it has its limitations.  So, I have been messing around trying to perk the place up a bit.  So please indulge me with a bit of patience while I attempt to make the place more visually appealing.

A trip to the store

Thanks to the Hilltop Piper for alerting me to this one. The best part is that if you pulled this guy over he would swear on his Mother that he only had ONE.

Random Big Black Dog picture

Good Job Vinnie!

In another success for one of my friends I had the pleasure to see another of them enjoy the product of their hard work and dedication.  Today, following in the steps of Dale and Dave the third musketeer was promoted to Sergeant.  It was nice to be a member of the visiting team at Vinnie's swearing in.  I was a bit mad at myself for oversleeping and missing both Dale and Dave's ceremony but as Vinnie will soon find out as a rookie Sergeant, night shift puts a bit of a damper on daytime activities you would like to make.  Congratulations to Vinnie on his hard work and ultimate success.

Some fancy stick work

Compliments of The Trenton Polack

Fine old school Cop stuff

Words fail me

Found over at the Deacon's Bench.


It is easy to admire motivated people. Case in point my friend Dan. Dan really wanted to become a cop. But in this day and age there is not a great deal of hiring going on and if you are not a veteran it is unlikely that you will be picked up by a department. Undeterred, Dan pressed forward.

Taking a huge gamble, he quit his job and at his own expense attended the police academy as an alternate route candidate. It was an expensive proposition and one not without risk. I am happy to report that in addition to finishing at the top of his class he was picked up by a department in this county and tomorrow morning will be fulfilling his dream reporting for his first shift. Good Luck Dan! I know you will be a great cop.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Amendment

This is a better defense of our right to keep and bear arms than I could ever imagine. Twirl of the nightstick to the Digital Hairshirt.

More judicial hijinks

A Florida court has agreed to pay $150 a day for a makeup artist to cover up a defendant's offensive tattoos throughout his trial, MyFoxTampaBay.com reported.

John Ditullio, 23, faces first degree murder and attempted murder charges. His trial begins on Monday.

Ditullio obtained several new tattoos since his arrest in 2006.

"They're covering up tattoos on both sides of the neck. They're covering up a barbed wire tattoo across the face," said Bjorn Brunvand, Ditullio's defense attorney, according to MyFoxTampaBay.com.

Ditullio has a barbed wire tattoo on his head and an offensive expletive and Neo-Nazi symbol on his neck.

Why are the taxpayers compelled to help this man mask his stupidity? Well at least the judges in Florida are elected. They can get rid of the legal genius who came up with this one next time he is up for election.

The rest at FoxNews.com.

Remember them and the freedom they provide for you

White trash Santa

Silence is golden

Stolen from Father Z's place.

Digital stimulation

As I wrote in a previous post I have been really busy.  Betwen the demands of family, work,  and school it has been a miracle that I haven't imploded.  Even my daily blog surf has been interupted.  During one of those brief moments I had available I ran across a post by The Diginatrix.  She posted an old picture of her Mom on the one year anniversary of her death.  This caused me to reflect.  Busy or not there are certain things that should not be shunted to the wayside.  After all, life as we all know is too short.  So in the midst of all of the mania of the last few weeks I went over to my Mother's house and learned how to make her pierogi.  Now everyone I know swears them Mother makes a particular delicacie better than anyone else.  But my Mom (reverently referred to as Babci or the Batch) makes the most delicious and delicate pierogi known to the human race.  She was kind enought to share her secrets with me.  As an added attraction I was able to learn her secret pie crust recipe, also the best on the planet.  So I offer my grateful thanks to the Diginatrix for giving me pause and causing me to hit the emergency brake long enough to share some special time with Mom.  She can count on me sending up some great prayers for hers.  May she rest in peace.

Semester finally over

My inaguaral semester in graduate school is grinding to a close as evidenced by my submission of the last two research papers.  More regular posting will resume immediately.

How not to avoid schism

When you see the seawall that buttresses your faith spring a leak your natural inclination is to put a finger in the dike.  Isn't this carrying it a bit too far?

LOS ANGELES — The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles elected a lesbian as assistant bishop Saturday, the second openly gay bishop in the global Anglican fellowship, which is already deeply fractured over the first.

The rest here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still typing away

Regular posting will resume Sunday.  Homework avalanche in progress.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time for a veal meal

A new PETA advertisement featuring model Joanna Krupa wearing nothing but a crucifix and a seductive smile is "totally inappropriate" and exploitative of Christian symbols, critics say.
Krupa, a Playboy cover girl and a "Dancing With the Stars" regular, is seen topless and bottomless in the latest spot by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which urges people to adopt pets from rescue shelters instead of buying them from puppy mills. 
The Polish-born beauty appears in the ad with angel wings behind her and a digital halo over her head. Her private parts are covered -- barely -- by a large, well-placed metallic crucifix.

To counter this anti Catholic stupidity I will eat meat tonight.  Not that I am opposed to it in general but most of the time try to keep my intake of such to a minimum.  This has nothing to do with animal rights.  It has to do that I lead a very crappy life style and if cutting down on red meat will get me another six weeks or so at the back end, so be it.

Since the dum dums from PETA continue to try and equate animal and human life and in doing so are going to deride my beliefs tonight I will do something to offend them.  I am going to eat veal.  That's right.  Tasty, young baby cows kept in cramped pens soaked in their own urine until they are slain for my dietary pleasure.  As the popular slogan goes "Meat is murder.....tasty, tasty murder".

And since they clearly fear no wrath from the Almighty it is likely they will not seek deliverance from him as I partake of this animal apostasy.  Perhaps they can pray to God of the Environment Al Gore for relief from this treachery.

The rest here.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Health Care battle begins in Senate

They should let them use baseball bats.  Al Franken would pee his pants and C Span would handily win the ratings wars.


To my regular readers my apologies for the very light posting.  The usual demands of work and family have been compounded by a very challenging semester in graduate school.  More substantial posting should resume by the weekend provided that I get these two %#$@*?! research papers done in time. 

Again and again

Four brave Cops have lost their lives at the hands of another failed product of America's "justice system".  While finishing their reports in a suburban Seattle coffee shop these heros were executed by a criminal released on early parole.  This is why parole is a failed system.  This is why when we say twenty years it should be twenty and life without parole should be just that.

So for the sake of political expediency and against the will of the people four more men and women had to lay down their lives for the rest of us.  If reports about the perpetrator's identity are true, shame on Mike Huckabee.

Please in charity remember the sacrifice of Officers Greg Richards, Mark Renninger, Tina Griswold and Ronald Owens.  May they rest in peace. 

Monday, November 23, 2009


The message is getting clearer.  Support for the National Health Care initiative is waning.  While never enjoying a clear mandate from the voters polls now indicate that there is no clear call for Congress to continue down the path toward socialized medicine.

Just 38% of voters now favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the lowest level of support measured for the plan in nearly two dozen tracking polls conducted since June.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% now oppose the plan.

Despite a distinct lack of support  Democrats in Congress seem more determined than ever to force this multi trillion dollar debt upon us.   I hope the sway in public opinion is not too late.

The rest here.

The high price of fashion

Tributes have been paid to a British student who died after slipping on her high heels and falling under a train while waving goodbye to her friends, Sky News reported.

The rest here.

Thin skin

PITTSBURGH  —  Pittsburgh City Council has tentatively approved paying $50,000 to settle a free speech lawsuit filed by a man cited for giving a city police officer the middle finger.
Thirty-five-year-old David Hackbart, of Butler, made the gesture at a driver in April 2006, then did it again when someone yelled at him — realizing only later the second person was a police officer.

First point to consider here is that if I ticketed every person who has flipped me off in a twenty five year career I would have had scant time to do anything else.  Part of the job is having a thick skin.  If a little thing like some imbecile flipping you the bird is enough to cause the ACLU to come gunning for you, perhaps it is time to find another line of work.

Secondly, if the nitwit flipping the entire world off was cited with something like driver inattention (both hands on the wheel) then this incident would not have been a problem.  Everyone just needs to lighten up a bit.

The rest here.

Living Hell

This one will freak you out a bit.

A car crash victim diagnosed as being in a coma for the past 23 years has been conscious the whole time.
Rom Houben was paralysed but had no way of letting doctors know that he could hear every word they were saying.
'I dreamed myself away,' said Mr Houben, now 46, who doctors thought was in a persistent vegatative state.
He added: 'I screamed, but there was nothing to hear.' 

Fully aware of everything going on around him and not able to communicate.  Now armed with a device that allows him to tap out messages and communicate with his surroundings he remains paralyzed.  Do you think he has at least one friend who is stupid enough to sit at the bedside and ask him "what's new?".

The rest here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fillipino flattery

In my never ending love affair with food I am always seeking out new culinary treasures to enjoy.  When invited to a party, particularly one that will involve food of a different culture, I am there in a split second.  After today's event I am comfortable in pronouncing Fillipino food high in my top five favorites.

First of all, how can you compare a turkey to a roasted pig.  Hands down they won this one out of the gate.  Add to it standard fare like lumpia and ponset and you have the makings of a party that makes you wish you were wearing some type of elastic waist pants.  Round out the meal with sticky rice and this coconut thing I did not even bother to get a name for and you have one terriffic meal.

My family and I are very grateful to have received an invitation to this traditional  house blessing.  We wish Mimi and Jose many years of joy in their new home.  And they can invite us over for dinner any time.

Farvman has been clearly holding out on me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One trick pony

Anyone else tired of this yet?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Wednesday night criticized Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) for voting against the Democrats’ signature healthcare bill.

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Reverend Jesse Jackson, who to my knowledge has ever produced anything other than a need for ongoing hate and discontent, decided to deploy the race card when Congressman Davis decided to represent the best interests of his constituents rather than those of Jackson. Oh, Jesse! Give it a rest already and spend some time with those out of wedlock kids of yours who seem to pop up from time to time.

And for those of you surprised at his most recent action, here is a little reminder of where the good Reverend is coming from.

The rest here.


Sometimes honor is an elusive concept to people. To put the concept in perspective I would like to steer you over to Random Acts of Patriotism. Its fine American author has two posts of note. One describing the actions of a true American hero. The other....well, you will get the point. You can view the posts here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Despite knowing me quite well my friend the Trenton Polack has sent me a video chronicling his recent adventures at the NJ State EMS Conference. So, like in a John Huston western let us imagine our hero approaching us from the distance. While his faithful steed kicks up a small yet persistent dust cloud as he traverses the great plains of South Clinton Avenue he slows to a stop, looks intently in to the camera squinting his sun baked eyes against the blazing rays of the afternoon sun. He politely tips his hat, and then........

Soldier comes home to his best friend

Dog Goes Nuts During Soldier Homecoming - Watch more Funny Videos


Hearty congratulations to my friend The Maestro on his successful presentation on Gregorian Chant this evening.  His very informative presentation was well received by his colleagues and esteemed clergy who attended.  Well done!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Like we needed another reason

Surely I am not alone in my opinion that the UN should be disbanded and the prime real estate turned in to condominums or something useful.  Yet another reason they should be tossed out from Fox News.

United Nations and Iranian officials have been secretly negotiating a deal to persuade world powers to lift sanctions and allow Tehran to retain the bulk of its nuclear program in return for cooperation with U.N. inspectors.

The rest here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Cheese

There is a great post over at the Bloviating Zepplin wherein he brilliantly outlines a long held hypothesis of mine regarding the American electorate.

The American electorate, the bulk of it, is only concerned with its Free Cheese. What can the “gubmint” GIVE ME?? is the rallying question from the great unwashed masses.

Politicians know this, and know that, without skyrocketing promises of MORE Free Cheese, they stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of acquiring much of any political seat.

The PEOPLE have brought this about; I believe every bit as much AS the politicians themselves.

The American electorate has lost its courage and is becoming more and more accustomed, through education, through youth, through the courts, of having their Free Cheese mindsets VALidated.

We’d best be talking, if we want to save this country, about a lot of NO! in our immediate future.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  There is no such thing as free cheese.  Someone is picking up the tab.  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why greyhounds can run like lightning

When not running they are like coma patients.

Domestic tranquility

The attack at Fort Hood by a domestic terrorist gave me cause for great reflection.  It is sometimes easy to forget how tenuous our freedom really is.  For many, the site of lower Manhattan in 2001 has begun to fade from memory.  Thanks to a top rate military and intelligence community, attacks like the one at Fort Hood are the exception more than the rule.  A short segment I caught on the tube tonight reminded me just how lucky we are.

I was watching a program about World War II out of the corner of my eye while giving this week's homework assignment one last look before firing it off into cyber space for my Professor to filet.  The story was about the desperation of the Russians as the blitzkrieg rolled in to their land.  The Red Army having no modern way to battle the Nazi Panzer tanks used a Pavlovian technique to train dogs as anti tank weapons.

Dogs would be starved and then trained to seek their food under tracked vehicles.  This hungry animals were taken to the battlefield with remote control explosives strapped to their backs.  When they reached the tank and the soldier/handler would detonate this enormous charge destroying both tank and animal.

As I type this my very spoiled Newfoundland is snoring at my feet.  How lucky we are not to face such hardship and desperation.  How very important is it for us even now to be ever vigilant against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Apparently we must be fairly stupid.  For the last year or so the Democrats in Washington have been trying to pass their Health Care legislation that will cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars.  Despite their conflicting schemes as to where the funding will come from to foot the bill of their social programs the numbers have remained fairly constant.  Further, the President is fully supporting this program.  So when I found this on Fox News I became confused.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, mindful of public anxiety over the government's mushrooming debt, is shifting emphasis from big-spending policies to deficit reduction. Domestic agencies have been told to brace for a spending freeze or cuts of up to 5 percent as part of a midterm election-year push to rein in record budget shortfalls.

Yet with the economy still in distress and unemployment pushing past 10 percent, prospects for making a dent in a trillion-dollar-plus annual deficit seem slight. And since the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs would likely be shielded from such cuts, overtures toward trimming the deficit may hold more symbolic value than substance.

President Barack Obama is expected to make post-recession spending restraint a key theme of his State of the Union address in January and an important element of the budget he submits to Congress a few weeks later. He is under increasing pressure, including from moderate and conservative members of his own party, to show he is serious about tackling a deficit that has become both an economic and political liability.

Now I am not a math whiz but why don't we start by cancelling plans to increase spending.  Then maybe we can address the need for a meat cleaver to attack the defecit.  Even if they are successful in achieving even a five percent cut in the budget it will be insignificant in comparison to the financial mill stone they are slinging around our collective necks with Cap and Trade and the Heatlh Care bills.  Another case of bait and switch?

We will see how stupid we all really are in 2010 I suppose.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

U. Mass update

A few days ago I posted about the University of Massachusetts hosting a speech by a member of the United Freedom Front.  The domestic terrorist was invited to speak at the school in the interest of providing an open exchange of ideas.  I maintained that the faculty of U. Mass was a bunch of Leftist nitwits.  My intrepid friend H. Carl Farvman did a bit of research and found the logo from U. Mass.  Check it out.

This logo reminded me of something.  Farvman found what he believed to be the inspiration.

None of you are surprised, are you?

Angel on his shoulder

My brother recently ran in to an old friend and co-worker. While catching up over a cup of coffee his friend related a story about a fellow they both used to work with. It seems that Joe was watching a television show about people who very generously donate a kidney to someone in need. Not a relative or friend mind you but just another soul needing a transplant. Joe was apparently moved by this program and incredulous as it may seem began the process of offering one of his kidneys for transplant to whoever might need it.

Needless to say all of his family, friends and co-workers thought he had taken complete leave of his senses. Undeterred and feeling that it was his destiny to do this good dead he continued in a rigorous medical screening process. In the last phase of the testing before the program would match him with a donor it was discovered that he had a cancerous tumor on one of his kidneys. The physician told Joe that had he not had this medical screening this growth would have likely not been discovered until it had spread. A death sentence.

The tumor has been removed, Joe is in good health and is looking for other charitable works to offer in thanks for this unexpected gift from God.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tenured Libs determined to offend

Ready for the midday dose of bile rising in your throat? As if Lefty Academics who never did a real days work in their life don't have enough to do cranking out liberal nitwits from our colleges and universities they have found another way to offend common sensibilities. Common sense or in its absence human decency would likely dissuade the average person from hosting a speech by a domestic terrorist. Well, apparently these two virtues are lacking at U. Mass judging by their invited speaker.

A terror bomber who served 18 years in federal prison will be allowed to speak at the University of Massachusetts on Thursday — after his speech had been canceled — because a group of faculty members decided to invite him and the university maintains it must fulfill its commitment to "academic freedom."

Raymond Luc Levasseur, the former leader of the revolutionary group United Freedom Front, was released from federal prison in 2004 after serving 18 years for his role in the group, which plotted a series of bombings and bank robberies along the East Coast between 1976 and 1984.

For those of you who don't know or remember, this creature was a contemporary of two other loathsome scum (Manning and Williams) who murdered a NJ State Trooper in 1981. Williams currently resides in Hell. Manning currently rots in a Federal Prison. Makes you want to fire a tuition payment right off to U. Mass, doesn't it? Maybe it is time to rethink this whole tenure thing.

Please remember Trooper Philip Lamonaco in your prayers and visit his online memorial here.

The rest of the article from Fox News is here.

Inspired musical interlude

Happily sponsored by one of my neurons that has fired only occasionally since 1980 or so.

Random Big Black Dog Photo

Happy Birthday USMC

With grateful thanks to the men and women who have earned the right to wear the globe and anchor in the service of our great country I would like to wish all US Marines a happy birthday celebration.  It is my honor to know many of their number (among them my DAD) and I am humbled by their heroism.  Semper Fi!

Getting harder to sling BS these days

The very public debacle that was the funeral for Sen. Ted Kennedy left a bad taste in the mouth of many a Catholic.  Not all, but many.  Perhaps emboldened by the over the top treatment his father received in both life and death Rep. Patrick Kennedy has been in a "pissing match" with his Bishop regarding abortion and other life issues.  The exceptional Bishop Tobin in his episcopal role as teacher and defender of the Faith has responded to Congressman Kennedy's very public slap at the Church in kind.

Your letter also says that your faith “acknowledges the existence of an imperfect humanity.” Absolutely true. But in confronting your rejection of the Church’s teaching, we’re not dealing just with “an imperfect humanity” – as we do when we wrestle with sins such as anger, pride, greed, impurity or dishonesty. We all struggle with those things, and often fail.
Your rejection of the Church’s teaching on abortion falls into a different category – it’s a deliberate and obstinate act of the will; a conscious decision that you’ve re-affirmed on many occasions. Sorry, you can’t chalk it up to an “imperfect humanity.” Your position is unacceptable to the Church and scandalous to many of our members. It absolutely diminishes your communion with the Church. 

Bishop Tobin hits Rep. Kennedy with a broadside of truth.  The entire letter bears a read.  It is far kinder than I would have ever written.  Thus why he is the Bishop and I need to go to confession more often.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Record time, even for a Democrat

In his first hour in Congress (thats right, sixty minutes) Congressman elect Bill Owens broke four campaign promises.

GOUVERNEUR, NY - Congressman-elect Bill Owens was sworn in at noon today.
Owens indicated in a press release released shortly afterwards that he was now in favor of the the "Affordable Healthcare for America Act" bill in direct contrast to his earlier position during the election campaign.

Once you get over your shock, you can read the rest here.

Miss you George

After the Fort Hood terrorist attack President Obama was kind enough to make a few remarks about the incident during a televised speech from a Conference of Native Americans.  This after giving a very dignified Presidential "shout out" to a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner.  Apparently he is too busy herding us to the collective poor house to make a timely trip to the scene of the attack.

In contrast here is a bit about the President they like to blame for everything from the heartbreak of psoriasis to undercooked eggs for breakfast.

Last night former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura made a secret visit to the devastated military families at Fort Hood.
The Bushes instructed the commander of the mourning military base that they wanted no publicity. With their Secret Service detail, Bush and his wife made the 30 mile trip unannounced from their ranch near Crawford, Texas Friday evening.

Hat tip to the Digital Hairshirt for posting on this one.  The rest of the story here.

Why would he?

The president does not plan to travel to Germany to attend the 20th anniversary celebration Monday of the fall of the Berlin Wall, drawing heated criticism from those who say he's ignoring a shining triumph of American-inspired democracy. 

A triumph of conservatism over his Marxist heroes.  That would be like me celebrating the election of another Kennedy to public office.  The rest here.

It is not over yet....

WASHINGTON -- The glow from a health care triumph faded quickly for President Barack Obama on Sunday as Democrats realized the bill they fought so hard to pass in the House has nowhere to go in the Senate.

Moderate Democrats in the Senate are really worried about the 2010 mid term elections.  Maybe we will dodge this trillion dollar plus bullet yet.  The rest here.

There is a nice preview of what is expected in the Senate here.

Road Pizza tour 2009

Two consecutive horrendous nights of carnage on the local highways.  Mom and Dad were right.  Don't drink and drive, look both ways before crossing the street and for goodness sake put on a freaking seatbelt.

Knit one, pearl two

It could be argued successfully that I have a touch of adult onset ADD.  When I am trying to get work done, especially schoolwork, I can get a bit distracted.  So the other day while working on a paper I looked up to see our new medic student knitting.  Now I can remember my Mom cranking out blanket after blanket and wielding a crochet hook as if it were a light saber.  But Mom was never one for knitting with two needles.  So from time to time when I saw someone knitting with the more conventional two needle process it always fascinated me.  So when I looked across the table to see this four needle thing going on, well.....I just had to take a picture and try to figure it all out.

Since I am not a very artistic person I always appreciate those who have the gift of working with their hands.  And as I watched her crank out of all things a very toasty looking sock I was duly impressed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sign of the times

Found over at the Bloviating Zepplin

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Father Z in NYC

Last night our Guerilla Schola invaded the island of Manhattan to augment the very fine Schola at Guardian Angels Church. Celebrant of the Mass was none other than Father Z of the very fine WDTPRS blog.

For those of you who have not taken the time to visit Father Z's blog by clicking the link on this page suffice to say that there is no finer representation of our Roman Catholic orthodoxy on the web. As I told him last night, I receive more religious education in a ten minute visit to his blog than I ever did in eight years of CCD.

I was very honored to be able to meet him and only regret that we did not have a chance to have a chat. Exquisite Mass (Extraordinary form of course), fitting sermon and a beautiful Church. And I think we chanted pretty well alongside our more polished colleagues from the Big Apple.

After meeting the good Father this clip popped in to my head and gave me a chuckle. No fireballs and a tad under seven feet tall, but larger than life nonetheless.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For the fallen at Fort Hood

Please pray for the latest victims of Islamo-fascism.

How about a voucher

Tonight was the monthly HSA (parochial school equivalent of PTA) meeting. Want to guess who drew short straw?

So off I went to finally receive some good news about the status of our fund-raising. I give a great deal of credit to the officers of that organization. There is nobody I know with a spare minute of time in this day and age and yet these dedicated folks hustle to come up with new ways for us to raise money for our school. You see, unlike secular institutions who have unlimited streams of money we need to raise about 100K annually to keep our kids squared away.

The part of this that really just pisses me off is that there isn't a person in the school who pays less than 10K a year in property taxes the bulk of which (somewhere along the lines of 60 cents on the dollar) goes right to the school board. Yet we manage to provide a better morally grounded education with only a fraction of the money. It would be nice if someone in government would have the balls to throw a bit of our money back our way in the form of vouchers. Of course they then start whining about the separation of Church and State. Funny. They have no problem spending my Catholic money.

365 days of hope

Well folks it has been a year since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. His supporters promised Hope and Change. Anyone out there feeling it? Because from my perspective it is business as usual. How so? Well it seems that despite the fact that the reins of power were given to the Democratic party with control of both houses of Congress in addition to the White House they still cannot get their collective acts together to push through their agenda. While I am thankful for that fact what is even more perplexing is that despite having every available political advantage they are still blaming....you guessed it, George W. Bush.

MADISON, Wis. (Reuters) - A year after his historic election, President Barack Obama sought to remind Americans on Wednesday the biggest problems he is grappling with -- from the economy to the war in Afghanistan -- are the legacy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

With his approval ratings down from once-lofty levels and Tuesday's Democratic election losses raising questions about his political clout, Obama held no special ceremony to mark the anniversary of his election as America's first black president.

Whining, blaming and failure. No surprise here. The economy is still in the basement despite them throwing buckets of money at the problem. Soldiers are dying in greater numbers on foreign soil while they debate what to do. They whimper and wring their hands. Three years to go America. Have anyone in mind that can actually lead?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is the point?

From abstract to concrete

An important story. Pass this along to anyone you know who supports baby killing.

Abby Johnson, 29, stands outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Tex., alongside Shawn Carney of the Campaign for Life. Johnson quit after watching an ultrasound of an abortion.

The former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in southeast Texas says she had a "change of heart" after watching an abortion last month — and she quit her job and joined a pro-life group in praying outside the facility.

Abby Johnson, 29, used to escort women from their cars to the clinic in the eight years she volunteered and worked for Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas. But she says she knew it was time to leave after she watched a fetus "crumple" as it was vacuumed out of a patient's uterus in September.

'When I was working at Planned Parenthood I was extremely pro-choice," Johnson told FoxNews.com. But after seeing the internal workings of the procedure for the first time on an ultrasound monitor "I would say there was a definite conversion in my heart ... a spiritual conversion."

Funny how it is easy to defend a position in the abstract. But when faced with the reality of what your CHOICE really is it becomes apparent how indefensible that position is. Let us continue to pray for the conversion of hearts.

The rest here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Modern Marriage

Some really great stuff:

A young man and a young woman meet and have a few dates. They go for a weekend at a bed and breakfast where they bed one another, and then have breakfast. If he isn’t too much of a jerk and she isn’t too picky, they are then an item. She goes to the doctor gets a prescription and goes on to a more permanent form of birth control. At some time during this stage, the uncomfortable meeting with the parents happens. Everyone is polite and “supportive.” Secretly the father of the young woman who knows exactly what’s going on, contemplates buying a gun and the mother of the young man begins gossiping with whomever will listen about how her little boy could do better. After a while, if things hold up, they begin to have the conversation about taking their relationship to the “next level” by which they mean shacking up, as we used to call it. Now, I think it’s called moving in together.

The rest can be found here at Reverend Know It All's place.

Election Eve

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day here in New Jersey. Election day this year brings with it the national spotlight wherein the race for the Governor's Mansion here and in Virginia are being looked at as a barometer to gauge the 2010 Congressional midterm. Polls indicate that the Dems have all but lost Virginia and the race here in the Garden State is too close to call. Though this morning the pollsters were predicting a last minute surge for Chris Christie as folks come to realize that squandering your vote on a third party candidate is a waste of time and guarantee of a win for the Democrats.

So make sure you get out and vote tomorrow. Or your whining privileges might get revoked.

Marathon Sunday follow up

No, I did not make even a feeble attempt to jiggle my chubby self through the NYC Marathon. But our family friend Melissa did, crossing the finish line some six hours and change after first tromping across the Verrezano Narrows.

Living so close to the City as we do it is silly that we don't get in their more often. So it was pleasant to have a reason to jump on mass transit yesterday and head in to the Big Apple.

Now that my daughter is at about the right age to realize that there is some really strange stuff that goes on out there in the real world it is kind of fun to see her reaction to new things. So off we went.

First stop, the Staten Island Ferry. Now it has been at least twenty five years since I had a ride on the Ferry. What a big difference. The terminal is now modern and dare I say clean, the F/B Barbieri was in top condition (and the shiniest in the fleet no doubt) and to my shock there was nobody on the lower deck selling dope. A smooth half hour ride across the harbor was nice. Lady Liberty, a few ships and two imbeciles in kayaks made for the in transit entertainment.

Katz's delicatessen was great. Best pastrami I have ever had! And how have I lived without sampling cole slaw spiked with just the right amount of horse radish?

A lot of firsts for my daughter. Her first visit to Katz's, seeing her first NY Marathon, her first ride on a subway and most entertaining the first time she ever had to sit next to a guy covered from head to toe in gold body glitter. I wish the subway car was not so crowded. The look on her face was priceless. The perfect mixture of shock, incredulity and disgust. No poker playing in her future.

Fall in New York City. Gotta love it!

Sqeamish Silence

H. Carl Farvman was kind enough to send me a link to a very insightful opinion piece by Thomas Sowell. If you have a few minutes click here. I think you will find it to be as enlightening as I did.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Katz's Deli NYC

More to follow.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

60 thousand dollar penis extension

Just the other day at about five thirty in the AM my partner and I were taking a patient from one hospital to another. Its a trip we often make and by and large an uneventful one. It was fairly warm here for October and due to a steady rain traffic was beginning to back up a bit. Nothing dramatic mind you just sensible folks driving sensibly.

On a routine transport such as this it is good practice to tuck the ambulance in the right lane and just cruise along comfortably. It makes for a smoother ride for the already sick patient and lessens the possibility of getting in to an unnecessary fender bender. Cruising with such leisure it gives you an opportunity to take in the sights.

Traffic in the left lane was moving at a fairly good clip and there was more than ample spacing between cars as they passed me on the left. That was until I spied it. The red Corvette tailgating the guy in front of him. Suddenly with the dexterity of an Indy driver the Corvette driver gunned the engine, executed a quick pass and wound up one entire car length ahead of where he was for the remaining ten minute trip to New Brunswick. Imagine the new found virility his investment brought him. Dumbass.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Want a baby? Pass the Cheetos

In modern life, evolution comes down to a question of fertility, not fitness.

According to a study by Yale University evolutionary biologist Stephen Stearns, contemporary evolution is based on the genetic traits surrounding fertility.

According to their findings, it was stout, slightly plump (but not obese) women who tended to have more children — "Women with very low body fat don't ovulate," Stearns explains — as did women with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Using a sophisticated statistical analysis that controlled for any social or cultural factors that could impact childbearing, researchers determined that these characteristics were passed on genetically from mothers to daughters and granddaughters.

The rest here.

Yet more job security

Any member of the Emergency Services will tell you that stupid people are our bread and butter. If it weren't for people incapable of good judgment the demand for Police, Fire or EMS service would be greatly reduced. But sometimes stupidity unnecessarily puts resucers at risk.

FRESNO, Calif. — Last month two men and their teenage sons tackled one of the world's most unforgiving summertime hikes: the Grand Canyon's parched and searing Royal Arch Loop. Along with bedrolls and freeze-dried food, the inexperienced backpackers carried a personal locator beacon - just in case.

In the span of three days, the group pushed the panic button three times, mobilizing helicopters for dangerous, lifesaving rescues inside the steep canyon walls.

What was that emergency? The water they had found to quench their thirst "tasted salty."

If they had not been toting the device that works like Onstar for hikers, "we would have never attempted this hike," one of them said after the third rescue crew forced them to board their chopper. It's a growing problem facing the men and women who risk their lives when they believe others are in danger of losing theirs.

This is an easy one to cure. Immediate arrest for false public alarm and a bill for emergency services rendered when no emergency existed. Then again, that would result in accountability. With the current climate in Washington, we can't have that.

The rest here.


This one just blew my mind.

HINSDALE, Illinois, October 23, 2009 A Dominican nun has been seen frequenting an abortion facility in Illinois recently - but not, as one might expect, to pray for an end to abortion or to counsel women seeking abortions, but to volunteer as a clinic escort.

How is she still a nun? I just don't get it.

The entire story is here.

Things Catholic

I don't pretend to be an expert on my Faith. As a Vatican II baby and the product of a well intentioned yet dubious CCD program it has been a struggle the last few years to play catch up in the pursuit of a knowledge base that I feel is appropriate for a Catholic Adult. Where I can make time in a busy schedule I struggle with Latin, try to make important liturgical celebrations and just try to polish what has turned out to be a very unfinished piece of educational woodwork.

In this pursuit I have had the benefit of some very patient and learned clergy who take the time to teach their flocks and provide ongoing support for growth. Soon, Holy Mass will change somewhat with better translations that will result in the new English language version of the Mass. You would think this would be a welcome development. After all, as a Faith rich in tradition we should endeavor to stay as true to our roots as possible. Apparently in addition to being mistaken, I am also a bit dim.

WASHINGTON – Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pa., former chairman of the U.S. bishops’ liturgy committee, sharply criticized what he called the “slavishly literal” translation into English of the new Roman Missal from the original Latin.

He said the “sacred language” used by translators “tends to be elitist and remote from everyday speech and frequently not understandable” and could lead to a “pastoral disaster.”

“The vast majority of God’s people in the assembly are not familiar with words of the new missal like ‘ineffable,’ ‘consubstantial,’ ‘incarnate,’ ‘inviolate,’ ‘oblation,’ ‘ignominy,’ ‘precursor,’ ‘suffused’ and ‘unvanquished.’ The vocabulary is not readily understandable by the average Catholic,” Bishop Trautman said.

Not to question the teaching authority of a Bishop but I had always understood that the primary responsibility of a Diocesan Ordinary is to TEACH. So in an instance where the vast majority of us pew sitters are not familiar with words of more than two syllables, should not the focus then be on uplifting the flock both spiritually and intellectually?

Touching back on Vatican II this is clearly a case of reaping what one sows. When a centuries old style of worship is removed willy nilly and dumbed down what does one expect? There are a great many commentaries on the web today both supporting and challenging Bishop Trautman's stance.

A basic tenant of gardening is that if the roots are week the plant will wither and die. It is time as Catholics to return to our roots (Brick by Brick as the de facto flying Bishop of the Internet Father Z would say) and ensure that they are healthy and capable of delivering the fragrant fruit of the Good News.

The rest of Bishop Trautman's comments here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Devil's work

Sad news today in New Jersey:

CHATHAM — The Morris County Prosecutor's Office says Father Edward Hinds was murdered in the rectory of St. Patrick Church in Chatham.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi said this afternoon that, based on the nature of the injuries, they have ruled the 61-year-old priest's death a homicide.

Hinds was found dead in the residence after a 911 call alerted police that the priest did not arrive at the neighboring church to offer a scheduled 8 a.m. Mass. Hinds was dressed in his robes for Mass when he was found.

Bianchi said Hinds was killed sometime between 11 p.m. Thursday and 8:03 a.m. today, when the 911 call was placed.

There are not many more details but the story is here. Killing a Priest who is already vested for Mass. It takes a special kind of evil to do something like this.

In your charity please send up a prayer for Father Hinds.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Acres Theology?

A North Carolina pastor plans to host a Halloween event at his church to burn heretical books. At the top of the list — the Bible.

Pastor Marc Grizzard claims the King James version of the Bible is the only true word of God, and that all other versions are "satanic" and "perversions" of God's word.

On Halloween night, Grizzard and the 14 members of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church will set fire to other versions of the scripture, as well as music and books by Christian authors.

“I believe the King James version is God’s preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God… for English-speaking people."

I guess he graduated from the Drucker's General Store theology program. Go here for the rest and to see a picture of the learned Pastor in his bib overalls.

How many ways do we have to say it?

NEW BRUNSWICK — An Edison man was shot late Wednesday night after stopping the would-be gunman on the street and asking him for a cigarette, police said.

Smoking is dangerous to your health. The rest here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boats of wood and balls of iron

As one of the planet's worst bagpipers I often receive requests to play at local events. Sadly due to a busy schedule I have to say no more often than I like. But as a matter of routine I will juggle my schedule dramatically to honor a request to play for a veterans group. Today was such an occasion when a multitude of Veterans organizations gathered in town to bring home three of their number.

As several hundred people watched our local Vets gave a fitting farewell to three comrades whose cremated remains had been stored unclaimed in a local funeral home. For whatever reason there were no remaining relatives to make final arrangements for these men. To the credit of the Vets they made arrangements for a splendid ceremony prior to the internment of the remains in the State Veteran's Cemetery.

While standing in formation next to the bugler I noticed that he wore a patch indicating his status as a PT Boat crewman on his jacket. As is my practice I thanked him for his bravery and service to our country. In true form he told me it was no big deal. But I persisted. Service to your country is the highest form of patriotism. Combat veterans are truly a breed set apart. And to serve your country in battle at sea on a plywood boat armed with torpedoes....well, that is just something I cannot even imagine. I think I may have embarrassed the old guy a bit with my description of his service. But his deeds validate the accuracy of the title of this post.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tonight's win is a foregone conclusion. I am just staying tuned to watch the Angels fans suffer.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How fast do these things go?

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. — Authorities say an Ormond Beach woman died after being thrown from a golf cart in a gated community.

Florida Highway Patrol reports that 58-year-old Carol Hollingworth was driving her golf cart through the Plantation Bay Golf Club community Thursday night when she lost control for some reason. She was thrown from the cart, which continued to roll into a wooded area.

What the hell? Does everyone move to Florida and lose their minds? The rest here.

Soup Season continues

As the weather here in New Jersey continues to get worse the need for large steaming vats of tasty soup has become more critical. As the supply from the last kitchen excursion was running low it was time to replenish. Sadly Mrs. Copper and I could not settle on a particular recipe so this visit to the stove delivered two new additions to the soup arsenal.

First for the lovely Mrs. there is stuffed pepper soup. Lean ground beef, nice chunks of green peppers simmered lovingly in a tomato based sauce.

For me, potato with jalapeno and sweet sausage. And of course a huge chunk of pumpernickel bread to go along with it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For you history lovers out there

I found a reference to this story over at the Hermeneutic of Continuity and follow the link. After you read this little snip you will probably want to follow the link too for a bit of food for thought.

Eight Jesuit priests survived the searing hurricane of blast and gamma rays during the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. They were in a rectory only 8 blocks from the blinding center of the nuclear flash. Although everyone within a mile radius perished, all survived and they attribute their survival to the Rosary and living the Fatima message.
At 2:45 a.m. on August 6, 1945, a B-29 bomber took off from the island of Tinian to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan. At 8:15 a.m. the bomb exploded eight city blocks from the Jesuit Church of Our Lady's Assumption in Hiroshima. Half a million people were annihilated. However, the church and eight Jesuit fathers stationed there survived (four of the priests were Fathers Hugo Lassalle, Kleinsorge, Cieslik and Schiffer. According to the experts they "ought to be dead," being within a one-mile radius of the explosion. Nine days later on August 15, Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, U.S. forces were ordered to cease fire.

Seasonal affective disorder alert

Image from Wunderground.com. Drenching courtesy of the Almighty.

Here bunny bunny!

Renewable energy?

The bodies of thousands of rabbits
culled every year from the parks in Stockholm’s Kungsholmen neighbourhood are being used to fuel a heating plant in central Sweden.

The decision to use Stockholm’s rabbit cadavers as bio energy to warm Swedes living in Värmland doesn't sit well with Stockholm-based animal rights activists.

“Those who support the culling of rabbits surely think it’s good to use the bodies for a good cause. But it feels like they’re trying to turn the animals into an industry rather than look at the main problem,” Anna Johannesson of Vilda kaniners värn (‘Society for the Protection of Wild Rabbits’) told the local Vårt Kungsholmen newspaper.

Every year, the city of Stockholm kills off thousands of rabbits in an effort to protect trees and shrubbery in the city’s extensive network of parks and green space.

The rest here.

Body bags must be cheaper

Do you find yourself if the Democratic controlled Congress really supports the troops?

Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.

Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.

The rest of this disgusting homage to liberal excess is here.

Uncle Joe

Each of us has had that relative that we are not too eager to identify as part of the family. A little kooky perhaps. Kind of like America's own Uncle Joe Biden.

As the Obama Administration engages in seemingly endless debate on how to proceed in Afghanistan our troops continue to be undermanned and at risk. American blood is being shed on a daily basis while our President and his ineffective whining socialist advisers meet privately and wring their hands over what to do in the war on terror. Yet still no definitive response from the White House.

Instead we see the American people being softened up by the mainstream media to accept what is another attempt to pander to the left. The logical front man....you guessed it, Uncle Joe.

I don't want to debate the merits of Joe Biden being a spokesman for anything. It is clearly a bad idea (unless he is destined to be spokes model for men's bras after his embarrassing Jersey Shore swimming suit photo from this summer [photo from TMZ.com}). War should be left to the professionals. The soldiers, sailors and airmen who put their life on the line every day are the only people equipped to make operational decisions.

Now, I am not forsaking the right and responsibility of the President to make foreign policy decisions. If he chooses to withdraw from Afghanistan so be it. I would loudly disagree with retreated from the battle against terror but it is certainly the Commander in Chief's prerogative to decide where and when the Armed Forces are committed to battle. But under no circumstances should the necessary tools to accomplish a mission be witheld from our troops. Never.

It is time to put up or shut up. Obama needs to make a decision now. And they need to lock Uncle Joe in the basement before he embarrasses us any more than he has already.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Seminar

My intrepid friend the Maestro will be offering a sacred music seminar here in the Diocese of Metuchen. In the hope that any of you interested in great church music might be inclined to attend I have posted the flier for the event.

May the appropriate authorities be inspired to ban guitars, tambourines and the dreaded farfisa organ from all Roman Catholic liturgies.

Souper Douper

So the year of soup continues. Tonight with a bold recipe for Creamy Garlic Soup.

First, a little garlic. About a cup and one half. Well, I won't bore you with all of the details. Suffice to say that this creamy extravagance of saffron laced goodness was a fitting end to the first almost chilly day of the season.

Here is what it looked like while bubbling away in the Dirty Copper Soup Cauldron. Potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, garlic, saffron and at the end a pint of half and half before being beaten in to submission with the immersion blender. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow. Must remember to pick up breath mints on the way.