Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Dog Johnny's

The nice thing about getting out and about in New Jersey is the opportunity to stop at some old style roadside eateries.  On the way back the other day from a quick overnight to the Pocono Mountains I was inspired to stop at a little place I had not been to in over thirty years, Hot Dog Johnny's.  This roadside icon is on the roadside of Route 46 in Buttzville (no I am not making that name up) just a short trip from the Delaware Water Gap.  Founded in the early forties by a man who worked in the mines in and around Dover it has been a standard stop for travellers in this rural part of the state who were coming from or going to hunting trips, rafting adventures, or in my case Boy Scout Camp.

Johnny's is a typical drive in but its claim to fame is a fried hot dog served with diced onions, mustard, and a sliver of dill pickle.  For purists, Johnny's still serves chilled buttermilk, though I don't imaging the demand for something that tastes like a sour cream milkshake is what it once was.  It was nice to take a brief trip back in time and introduce my youngest to a blast from my past. (Sorry about the dark picture, it was overcast and my phone does not have a flash)

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