Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smelling the coffee

One of the things that I try to do while reading the various blogs that I visit is to learn.  It is easy to fall in to a trap of just wanting to be entertained all of the time.  There is a very fine blog written by a very orthodox Priest that I like to read.  Father Know It All has a very nice explanation of the need for reform of the reform from a personal perspective.

And so I repented for my sin of the sixties. We thought we were better than those who had gone before. We were not. We, like they, were sinners in need of grace. That arrogant spirit still infects the society and the Church. It is the belief that I know better, that I am part of a generation that is smarter, more technically advanced, and more powerful than all that’s gone before. Because of our superiority, God and the Church should accommodate themselves to us.  Above all, the Sacrifice of the Mass should accommodate itself to our more enlightened tastes. I have come to think differently. Those, who so radically changed the liturgy, among whom I count myself, succeeded only in emptying the churches. They made what was mysterious and unique into something commonplace. They replaced incense with air conditioning and silk with polyester. They replaced Calvary with a stage performance. They did all this in defiance of the Second Vatican Council, and while they did it, they prattled endlessly on about “the spirit of Vatican II.” We were lied to and in consequence we lied to you. We have replaced the truth with what we wanted to be true.

You should stop by and read this entire post.

Unhappy with the Priest at your church?  Father Z has an interesting suggestion about how to stimulate change here.

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