Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mood Recalibration

Now that I am a newly minted Monday through Friday type I find myself trying to fit in all kinds of errands in the few scant late afternoon hours I have available before the onset of regular home evening activities.  Having worked nights and weekends for the majority of my adult life it has been quite a period of adjustment.  Perhaps the most challenging aspect has been dealing with run of the mill annoying people who seem to pop up in front of me to thwart my progress in particularly annoying ways.  As bounced like a pinball this afternoon from the local wholesale club to the pet store to acquire vast quantities of food for the gargantuan beast that resides with us I was at the limits of my patience.  Then, as I struggled across the parking lot with a bag of dog food the size of a queen sized mattress I saw an enormously fat guy straddle a Vespa scooter, put on a full face helmet, and whine out his engine as he zipped across the parking lot.  While I will still miss those early morning trips to an empty Home Depot after a night shift, this kind of made up for this afternoons aggravation.

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