Monday, May 2, 2011

Letting it Flow

It is gratifying to know that Osama Bin Laden is no longer a threat to the country that we love.  In many respects I am jealous of the highly trained sailor from Seal Team Six that was implement the finer points of US foreign policy by putting a high velocity round through his head.  Suffice to say, I will be happy to take a gander at the photos if the White House can get over its collective squeamishness and make them public.  Why is it that there is no issue with repeatedly running footage of three thousand Americans dying in as the towers burned and fell yet we must engage in debate over proving to the world that the murderer who facilitated the attack is truly done?

More disturbing is the way this situation is playing out in the media.  A few points to ponder.  While it is nice to know that the President gave the order to conduct this operation, let us give credit where it truly is due.  To the members of our highly professional and dedicated armed services, well done.  Especially to the members of Seal Team Six who are credited by the administration, albeit obliquely, with sending that pig to his final judgment.

As to taking the high road and disposing of his carcass at sea in accordance with his religious beliefs, I am in agreement with Don Imus’s assertion that his body should have been wrapped in bacon and buried at ground zero. 

Clearly Pakistan knew he was there.  So a big “go screw yourself” is due to Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf who whined about the sovereignty of his backwater third world dump of a country being violated.  How about we shut off the free flowing tap of foreign aid to them for a decade or so and let them truly enjoy their sovereign rights.  

Speaking of free flowing, is it just me or is the rest of the world tired of the free flow of drivel spewing non-stop from the pie hole of Michael Moore who tweeted "Now that bin Laden's dead, can we put shampoo in our carry on?Could he possibly be that stupid?  If his next Krispy Kreme was at risk he might be a bit more careful about securing American airports. 

Not two hours ago I was speaking with my friend Big Irish who as a Port Authority of NY and NJ Officer lost many dear friends on September 11th.  He was happy Bin Laden is dead.  But as he put it “all of my friends are still dead, what did it change?”  He is right, nothing changed other than quality, breathable air (if there is any in Pakistan) is not being wasted on the likes of him. 

The best revenge we can have as a country is to live well and succeed.  To do that we need to fix the problems we are facing today.  As Rush Limbaugh said earlier this afternoon, “a loaf of bread and a tank of gas still cost what they cost”.  The Obama administration should be entitled to twenty four hours of self congratulatory back slapping.  But then it is time to lower taxes, control spending on entitlement programs, drill for domestic oil, and generally stop farting around with this silly experiment in socialism.  And if the Republicans don’t get their act together soon and get us a real candidate soon, I may just scream.

That felt good.  It’s nice to be back.

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