Sunday, December 6, 2009

Digital stimulation

As I wrote in a previous post I have been really busy.  Betwen the demands of family, work,  and school it has been a miracle that I haven't imploded.  Even my daily blog surf has been interupted.  During one of those brief moments I had available I ran across a post by The Diginatrix.  She posted an old picture of her Mom on the one year anniversary of her death.  This caused me to reflect.  Busy or not there are certain things that should not be shunted to the wayside.  After all, life as we all know is too short.  So in the midst of all of the mania of the last few weeks I went over to my Mother's house and learned how to make her pierogi.  Now everyone I know swears them Mother makes a particular delicacie better than anyone else.  But my Mom (reverently referred to as Babci or the Batch) makes the most delicious and delicate pierogi known to the human race.  She was kind enought to share her secrets with me.  As an added attraction I was able to learn her secret pie crust recipe, also the best on the planet.  So I offer my grateful thanks to the Diginatrix for giving me pause and causing me to hit the emergency brake long enough to share some special time with Mom.  She can count on me sending up some great prayers for hers.  May she rest in peace.

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