Sunday, December 6, 2009

More judicial hijinks

A Florida court has agreed to pay $150 a day for a makeup artist to cover up a defendant's offensive tattoos throughout his trial, reported.

John Ditullio, 23, faces first degree murder and attempted murder charges. His trial begins on Monday.

Ditullio obtained several new tattoos since his arrest in 2006.

"They're covering up tattoos on both sides of the neck. They're covering up a barbed wire tattoo across the face," said Bjorn Brunvand, Ditullio's defense attorney, according to

Ditullio has a barbed wire tattoo on his head and an offensive expletive and Neo-Nazi symbol on his neck.

Why are the taxpayers compelled to help this man mask his stupidity? Well at least the judges in Florida are elected. They can get rid of the legal genius who came up with this one next time he is up for election.

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