Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big Blow

So, this is what it is like to have a bit of time to catch up on blogging.  About time.  As they say, life happens and it has been incredibly busy here at the command bunker so in the spirit of tirage, those things you would rather be doing fall to the back in deference to those things you just have to get done.

I hope that all of my north east neighbors fared well during yesterday's storm.  As for me I wish I could report that we emerged unscathed.  Sadly, I now have a nice collection of roof shingles in my backyard that looked much nicer when they were affixed to my roof.  In the scope of things though, I am thankful.  An early visit from my friend Bob the Builder and his talented cohort should remedy the problem in short order.  Succinctly, no injuries here.  All pluses.

After a frustrating day trying to finish and upload a grad school final with intermittent power and internet access (that should really dash my hopes for a high honors GPA) I wound up going in to work the night shift on the medic truck.  Thankfully, not too much misfortune around the area but there was a great deal of flooding and we found ourselves having to execute a twenty mile detour just to return to our station from a trip to the trauma center.  You forget how dark it really gets at night until there is absolutely no power.  I would like to say that there were elements of our local populace that illuminated the area with their good judgment.  Not hardly.  C'mon honey, there is a seventy mile an hour wind a'blowin and street signs are flying around like pivoting guillotines.  Let's pack the kids and grandma in the car and go for a ride.  Sigh.  Freaking Darwin.  So, so wrong.

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