Friday, May 14, 2010

Support Education

This is really starting to piss me off.  For those of you from outside of the Garden State, we elected a fiscally conservative governor this past November.  For the first time in my nearly half century living in NJ we have an elected official that has pledged and is following through on changing the way government is run.  While he is getting substantial resistance from both the Senate and Assembly and is being bashed by the Teacher's Union, change is in the wind.  Instead of the State artificially supporting local schools, costs are being shifted back to the town where VOTERS can decide what the financial priorities of the School Boards should be.

Now, this is not without pain.  Cuts are being made, and teachers (who I truly adore) are being laid off.  Not because they have to be but because bloated, swine like school board bureaucrats refuse to trim fat and spend money only on salaries for teachers who actually have contact with students.  While painful. if we allow this plan to run its course the Boards will ultimately have to bend to the will of the people and spend money on education and not on junkets to Atlantic City.  Then.....................

Despite President Obama's pledge for honest budgeting and billions of dollars in stimulus money spent to save teachers' jobs, the Education Department is asking for off-the-books emergency funding to keep local districts from laying off school teachers next school year.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan sent Democratic lawmakers a request Thursday to pass a $26 billion emergency supplemental to fund up to 300,000 teachers' jobs that he says will otherwise be lost in the fall.

This guy will just not abandon his quest for a socialist state.  If we follow Governor Christie's plan, education will survive.  It is time for President Obama to butt out.  The rest here.

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