Saturday, October 31, 2009

60 thousand dollar penis extension

Just the other day at about five thirty in the AM my partner and I were taking a patient from one hospital to another. Its a trip we often make and by and large an uneventful one. It was fairly warm here for October and due to a steady rain traffic was beginning to back up a bit. Nothing dramatic mind you just sensible folks driving sensibly.

On a routine transport such as this it is good practice to tuck the ambulance in the right lane and just cruise along comfortably. It makes for a smoother ride for the already sick patient and lessens the possibility of getting in to an unnecessary fender bender. Cruising with such leisure it gives you an opportunity to take in the sights.

Traffic in the left lane was moving at a fairly good clip and there was more than ample spacing between cars as they passed me on the left. That was until I spied it. The red Corvette tailgating the guy in front of him. Suddenly with the dexterity of an Indy driver the Corvette driver gunned the engine, executed a quick pass and wound up one entire car length ahead of where he was for the remaining ten minute trip to New Brunswick. Imagine the new found virility his investment brought him. Dumbass.

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