Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uncle Joe

Each of us has had that relative that we are not too eager to identify as part of the family. A little kooky perhaps. Kind of like America's own Uncle Joe Biden.

As the Obama Administration engages in seemingly endless debate on how to proceed in Afghanistan our troops continue to be undermanned and at risk. American blood is being shed on a daily basis while our President and his ineffective whining socialist advisers meet privately and wring their hands over what to do in the war on terror. Yet still no definitive response from the White House.

Instead we see the American people being softened up by the mainstream media to accept what is another attempt to pander to the left. The logical front guessed it, Uncle Joe.

I don't want to debate the merits of Joe Biden being a spokesman for anything. It is clearly a bad idea (unless he is destined to be spokes model for men's bras after his embarrassing Jersey Shore swimming suit photo from this summer [photo from}). War should be left to the professionals. The soldiers, sailors and airmen who put their life on the line every day are the only people equipped to make operational decisions.

Now, I am not forsaking the right and responsibility of the President to make foreign policy decisions. If he chooses to withdraw from Afghanistan so be it. I would loudly disagree with retreated from the battle against terror but it is certainly the Commander in Chief's prerogative to decide where and when the Armed Forces are committed to battle. But under no circumstances should the necessary tools to accomplish a mission be witheld from our troops. Never.

It is time to put up or shut up. Obama needs to make a decision now. And they need to lock Uncle Joe in the basement before he embarrasses us any more than he has already.

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