Monday, November 9, 2009

Knit one, pearl two

It could be argued successfully that I have a touch of adult onset ADD.  When I am trying to get work done, especially schoolwork, I can get a bit distracted.  So the other day while working on a paper I looked up to see our new medic student knitting.  Now I can remember my Mom cranking out blanket after blanket and wielding a crochet hook as if it were a light saber.  But Mom was never one for knitting with two needles.  So from time to time when I saw someone knitting with the more conventional two needle process it always fascinated me.  So when I looked across the table to see this four needle thing going on, well.....I just had to take a picture and try to figure it all out.

Since I am not a very artistic person I always appreciate those who have the gift of working with their hands.  And as I watched her crank out of all things a very toasty looking sock I was duly impressed.

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