Thursday, November 5, 2009

How about a voucher

Tonight was the monthly HSA (parochial school equivalent of PTA) meeting. Want to guess who drew short straw?

So off I went to finally receive some good news about the status of our fund-raising. I give a great deal of credit to the officers of that organization. There is nobody I know with a spare minute of time in this day and age and yet these dedicated folks hustle to come up with new ways for us to raise money for our school. You see, unlike secular institutions who have unlimited streams of money we need to raise about 100K annually to keep our kids squared away.

The part of this that really just pisses me off is that there isn't a person in the school who pays less than 10K a year in property taxes the bulk of which (somewhere along the lines of 60 cents on the dollar) goes right to the school board. Yet we manage to provide a better morally grounded education with only a fraction of the money. It would be nice if someone in government would have the balls to throw a bit of our money back our way in the form of vouchers. Of course they then start whining about the separation of Church and State. Funny. They have no problem spending my Catholic money.

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