Monday, November 2, 2009

Marathon Sunday follow up

No, I did not make even a feeble attempt to jiggle my chubby self through the NYC Marathon. But our family friend Melissa did, crossing the finish line some six hours and change after first tromping across the Verrezano Narrows.

Living so close to the City as we do it is silly that we don't get in their more often. So it was pleasant to have a reason to jump on mass transit yesterday and head in to the Big Apple.

Now that my daughter is at about the right age to realize that there is some really strange stuff that goes on out there in the real world it is kind of fun to see her reaction to new things. So off we went.

First stop, the Staten Island Ferry. Now it has been at least twenty five years since I had a ride on the Ferry. What a big difference. The terminal is now modern and dare I say clean, the F/B Barbieri was in top condition (and the shiniest in the fleet no doubt) and to my shock there was nobody on the lower deck selling dope. A smooth half hour ride across the harbor was nice. Lady Liberty, a few ships and two imbeciles in kayaks made for the in transit entertainment.

Katz's delicatessen was great. Best pastrami I have ever had! And how have I lived without sampling cole slaw spiked with just the right amount of horse radish?

A lot of firsts for my daughter. Her first visit to Katz's, seeing her first NY Marathon, her first ride on a subway and most entertaining the first time she ever had to sit next to a guy covered from head to toe in gold body glitter. I wish the subway car was not so crowded. The look on her face was priceless. The perfect mixture of shock, incredulity and disgust. No poker playing in her future.

Fall in New York City. Gotta love it!

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