Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fillipino flattery

In my never ending love affair with food I am always seeking out new culinary treasures to enjoy.  When invited to a party, particularly one that will involve food of a different culture, I am there in a split second.  After today's event I am comfortable in pronouncing Fillipino food high in my top five favorites.

First of all, how can you compare a turkey to a roasted pig.  Hands down they won this one out of the gate.  Add to it standard fare like lumpia and ponset and you have the makings of a party that makes you wish you were wearing some type of elastic waist pants.  Round out the meal with sticky rice and this coconut thing I did not even bother to get a name for and you have one terriffic meal.

My family and I are very grateful to have received an invitation to this traditional  house blessing.  We wish Mimi and Jose many years of joy in their new home.  And they can invite us over for dinner any time.

Farvman has been clearly holding out on me.

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