Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tenured Libs determined to offend

Ready for the midday dose of bile rising in your throat? As if Lefty Academics who never did a real days work in their life don't have enough to do cranking out liberal nitwits from our colleges and universities they have found another way to offend common sensibilities. Common sense or in its absence human decency would likely dissuade the average person from hosting a speech by a domestic terrorist. Well, apparently these two virtues are lacking at U. Mass judging by their invited speaker.

A terror bomber who served 18 years in federal prison will be allowed to speak at the University of Massachusetts on Thursday — after his speech had been canceled — because a group of faculty members decided to invite him and the university maintains it must fulfill its commitment to "academic freedom."

Raymond Luc Levasseur, the former leader of the revolutionary group United Freedom Front, was released from federal prison in 2004 after serving 18 years for his role in the group, which plotted a series of bombings and bank robberies along the East Coast between 1976 and 1984.

For those of you who don't know or remember, this creature was a contemporary of two other loathsome scum (Manning and Williams) who murdered a NJ State Trooper in 1981. Williams currently resides in Hell. Manning currently rots in a Federal Prison. Makes you want to fire a tuition payment right off to U. Mass, doesn't it? Maybe it is time to rethink this whole tenure thing.

Please remember Trooper Philip Lamonaco in your prayers and visit his online memorial here.

The rest of the article from Fox News is here.

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