Saturday, January 23, 2010

An incomplete education

An old friend of mine who I had lost track of popped up recently on Facebook. I was happy to glean from his postings that in addition to his Masters degree he had gone on to complete Law School and now works for the Federal Government. I could not have been happier for him. But now I find that he has taken complete leave of his senses.

I am accustomed to polite disagreement. I have very strong political views that are not shared by everyone. When I am make statements of a political nature either in conversation I make every attempt to make sure the statements are accurate and truthful. So I was taken aback when I read a post of his trying to tie the recent drop in the Dow to the election of Senator Brown in Massachusetts. In a fit of pique he pointed his finger in a most accusatory fashion in an effort to portray the Democrats loss of Uncle Ted's seat as some sign of a coming apocalypse. Totally ignoring the fact that on that very morning the Federal Government released unemployment statistics that would account for the drop. It boggled my mind.

I will admit I am not a political sophisticate. But I can recognize when a plan is not working. Obama's plan is not working. The populace is revolting against their plan. Yet, like a Kamikazee dodging certain death from anti aircraft fire the continue to fly ahead at full speed. And their supporters still think Dick Cheney is hiding under the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom. I wonder who they will find at fault when the House begins to change hands in the mid term elections.

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