Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remember Georgetown?

Some of my more moderate friends cast me as a bit hysterical when it comes to my repeated warnings about the rising tide of socialism in this country.  I hope that they are right and that I am just a paranoid weenie.  But then I find things like this:

Obama's faith council is finalizing its draft report this week, and one of the key debates that emerged from the phone conference yesterday was whether there should be rules requiring religious groups to cover up religious symbols if they receive federal funding for services. For example, if a church gets money for a soup kitchen, would it have to remove or put a cloth over all crosses, pictures, etc., every time it gets ready to feed the hungry?

Remember when President Obama spoke at Georgetown University a few months back?  You might be familiar with the university.  It is a Jesuit Roman Catholic school where a crucifix should be displayed prominently.  Yet when the anointed one Barack Obama chose to speak at the school the White House staff requested that the prominent crucifix usually present in the room where he was to deliver his speech be covered.  The gelatinous backbone of the Georgetown trustees collapsed and it was covered. Seemingly they were ashamed of their Catholic identity.  Now the socialists are taking their next logical step.  Don't say you were not warned. 

You can read the article here.  Father Z gives the issue a thorough fisking here.

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