Sunday, January 3, 2010

The red, white and blue ostrich

Lately I have started to wonder if it would not be more prudent to have a group of fourth grade students run the country rather than stand on the sidelines and watch imbeciles expose our country to risk.  You may think that is a bit strong but in view of recent inaction and outright bad decisions by the Obama Administration the idea may not be far off the mark.

During the morning news surf today I found the following:

The U.S. does not plan to open a new front in Yemen in the global fight against terrorism despite closing its embassy there in the face of Al Qaeda threats, President Obama's top counterterrorism adviser said Sunday.

"We're not talking about that at this point at all," White House aide John Brennan told Fox News when asked whether U.S. troops would be sent to Yemen.

Okay, let me get this right.  An unstable Islamic country has been definitively identified as a source of terrorists planning to attack the US and it's interests and the option exercised to deal with it is......inaction.  Some would argue that that is not true.  After all, doubling aid to Yemen is the best way to deal with the problem.  Oh, really?

The U.S. gave Yemen $67 million in training and support under the Pentagon's counterterrorism program last year. Only Pakistan got more, with some $112 million in aid.

Since I am not a math whiz let me try to figure this out.  After receiving 67 million dollars last year, Yemen has failed to get the problem under control.  So we are going to double the amount of money we are wasting on this failed initiative.  So if you pay a guy twenty five dollars a week to cut your grass and he doesn't do it, you double his salary in the hope that next week the grass will be cut?  Is this making sense to anyone outside of the Beltway?  Our President thinks so.

Obama said the money had been well spent: "Training camps have been struck, leaders eliminated, plots disrupted. And all those involved in the attempted act of terrorism on Christmas must know -- you too will be held to account."

It would appear that they can't even hold them to the current balance in the checking account.  Another empty threat by a paper tiger.  To make matters worse they are releasing terrorists from Guantanamo to Yemen.  No, I am not kidding.  The current anti- terrorism genius had this to say:

"The Guantanamo facility must be closed," he said. "It has served as a propaganda tool for Al Qaeda. We're determined to close it."

Brennan also weighed in on former Vice President Dick Cheney's criticism of the president's anti-terrorism policies, saying Cheney is intentionally misstating Obama's position or is ignorant of the facts.

Cheney is ignorant of the facts?  Lets do a bit of fact checking.  Guantanamo is a propaganda tool for Al Qaeda.  So if we close it and move the prisoners to federal prison, does not the federal prison then become a propaganda tool?  Therefore I propose if anything we do to safeguard our citizens against terrorists will be used as propaganda we should then exclusively employ Predator drones.  Let them, or their survivors rally around that point.

The entire article is here.

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