Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pass the Kleenex

Seen at right courtesy of a Fox News photo is the Somali pirate Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse on his arrival in NY City. Looking like he was was walking the red carpet at an award show the coward smiled like a basic celbutard. In fact the only missing item from the ensemble was a micro dog in an over sized handbag. Apparently during his court appearance today his mood became a bit more somber as the US Magistrate bound him over for trial after determining that he is not a juvenile and would be tried as an adult. Described by some outlets as a teen, the pirate is facing a lengthy prison sentence on charges of piracy and hostage taking. Apparently the absence of his AK 47 made him feel a bit less optimistic. He cried. ( cue violin music please).

In a related story, the subjects Mommy has already appealed to President Obama for pardon as she felt that the poor misguided youth had been mislead by "gangsters with money". She requested that she be able to spend time with her son during his trial. Why not? Go right on over to the Mogadishu International Airport, whip out your Somalian Express card and book a flight. I am sure our new administration will be most accommodating. I just hope the poor women takes care in traversing her capitol city. I wouldn't want her to trip over the burnt out fuselage of a Blackhawk Helicopter or the body of a brave American GI that might have been left there by the last Democratic Administration.

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