Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where do I turn myself in?

In fairness I understand that warnings issued by any government agency tend to be vague. Largely I suspect because they rarely get it right anyway. And in over twenty five years in law enforcement I don't think I ever saw any warning issued by the Feds be of any particular relevance outside of a wanted poster. So, had the recent warning about a surge in right wing radical activity passed across my desk I would not have paid it any particular attention. I mean, its just silly. But as I pondered the news stories over the last two days I found the story to be more relevant than any other government warning I had ever seen. Not that I suspect a surge in right wing violence. I don't. Frankly, we are all too busy working at least one job to support the anarchists and lefties who spend most of what should be productive time protesting. But I honestly am impressed that this is an early sign of the left recognizing that the Socialist Empire they so strongly desire is unattainable.

Lets face facts. At least one of the Socialist zealots in power must have a calculator and the ability to do simple addition and subtraction. Quite simply the mathematical realities of their plans are not adding up. The fresh air blowing in conservative camps that is blowing the stench of political apathy out to sea and the realities of their failed coup seems to be causing a palpable panic among Democratic circles. I am sure the Tea Parties that were held coast to coast did little to assuage their fears.

I can assure the Department of Homeland Security that they have nothing to fear from me except my ballot.

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