Friday, June 12, 2009

Deaf Rabbit and the end of an era

Get it? Era? OK, really bad pun. But today ends analog TV broadcasting in the US. Not that big of a deal really but it made me remember how far technology has come in my lifetime. Like many of you I can clearly remember the days when TV offered a whopping six channels here in the NY Metro area unless you counted Channel 13. A remote was Dad saying "hey, turn it to Channel Five, the news is coming on" and you waltzing across the living room to turn the knob. From black and white analog to digital high definition. If you think about it that's pretty amazing. But as cool as technology is our kids are missing out on some cool stuff as well.

Wonderama with Sonny Fox and then Bob McAllister. Captain Jack McCarthy and Officer Joe Bolton. Real Saturday cartoons, the only time there was really a demand or need for kids programming because the rest of the time you weren't cocooned in climate control. Abbot and Costello movies on Sunday afternoons after Mass, the Dead End Kids and of course the stooges were all staples of weekly viewing.

I suppose the curse of getting older is the need to wax nostalgic, but I can't help but feel sorry for our kids and the simple pleasures they will never know. Just like I am sure my eight year old feels sorry for me when for the umpteenth time I tell her about black and white TV and the Rabbit Ear sprint.

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The Digital Hairshirt said...

Don't forget the tin foil placed on the rabbit ears for better reception!

To me, classic local programming will always be WOR's "Million Dollar Movie," on every weekday afternoon at 4:00 pm.