Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mick was wrong

On a happy note my good friend the NAD has temporarily fled the left coast and made a trip to New Jersey. It has been good to spend a bit of time with him. The downside is that he has a great many social engagements to attend to so we will not be able to spend a great amount of time together.

He called me the other night and I stopped by the family homestead where he and his older brother were in the process of "cleaning out" the place in preparation for his 87 year old Mom to vacate her home and move in with Nad's brother. It kind of freaked me out. I am sure it bothered the two of them even more.

It seems like just yesterday it was 1978 and I was cruising up to his house to pick him up to go out on a Friday night doing all of the stupid things high school idiots do. And while life is good now I know that he and I will never be able to capture the years we got to share being imbeciles together. Time marches on, responsibilities increase and priorities change. But time marches on. And while I am sorry to say it, you were wrong Mick.

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