Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sly like a fox

One of the things that you can always find on The Drudge Report are the current ratings for news shows, particularly the cable news. I think it might be very telling that the Fox News Channel took the top ten slots in the Cable News ratings for the most recent period.

It is no secret that Fox has a tendency to lean right in its reporting. Notice I said lean. For the most part it seems that their reporting is fair and balanced to use their own advertising catch phrase. It seems to me that those in the center and those who defected the conservative cause are relying more on outlets like Fox to provide some unvarnished news rather than the pablum served up by the talking heads on the "mainstream" media outlets. While at times they can get a bit too cutesy (the Morning Show is usually a bit hard to digest) and I think everyone could do with a lot less Geraldo Rivera by and large it is a great channel for opinion and news. Despite a brief fit of rage when they did not renew and subsequently lost Kiran Chetry to CNN I have been relying on them for a long time for one of my daily news sources.

So, kudos to Rupert and company and let us hope that the trend seen in their viewership will reflect a change in political winds that will signal the end to the madness in Washington.

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