Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garfield Cadets

While I do make the occasional comments about my misspent youth there are some things I definitely did right. Among them is my membership in the Garfield Cadets. Started as the Holy Name Cadets Fife Drum and Bugle Corps I marched with the Cadets for two seasons in the 1970's. I can tell you that I had the privilege to march and play with some of the most accomplished horn players in the northeast at the time. In fact, one of my friends from the time is Alan "Al Chez" Chesnovitz, the trumpet player in the Late Night with David Letterman band.

As a Junior Drum and Bugle Corps our membership ranged from age 15 to the maximum of 21 years old. We practiced non stop in the off season and spent the entire summer travelling the country by bus competing with the rest of the top Corps in the country. While each of these elite groups had their own traditions, Garfield was one of the oldest and had many years of tradition to draw on. Among them the most cherished was the singing of Holy Name before taking the field for competition. While we sang our version much more slowly and with way better harmony what follows is a clip of the current version of the song. The tempo may be different but the sentiment and honor that follows a proud tradition continues.

For Holy Name shall always be.

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