Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Olympics Torch Run 2009

Its been cool and raining for the last two weeks here. So what do you do on the first day when the humidity hits 1000% and it feels like you are on the surface of the Sun? Why, you run in a five mile charity event to raise money for the NJ Special Olympics.

Each year a group of intrepid men and women from Police Departments across New Jersey participate in this fund raiser where the Special Olympic Torch is run across the state in various legs. Invariably it winds up happening on one of the hottest days of the year. A few of the guys in these photos have been making this trek for twenty five years now.

Since a neighboring town is surrounded by us our team usually hooks up with them and they join forces for the last three miles of the run.

Since Doug here is our oldest participant this year it may not be an accident that the Office on Aging bus is in the background of the shot.

And while chronologically they were first in the run its a matter of seniority to put the overachieving young guys in the last pic. The annual Torch Run raises thousands of dollars for the Special Olympic program in New Jersey and has been a pet project of the New Jersey PBA for many years. Thanks to you who have generously supported the cause over the years.

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