Monday, June 22, 2009

Mathematical Miracle in NJ

Second only to California in the knee dip in fiscal doo doo department New Jersey seems to be skirting a financial crisis by the skin of its teeth. Despite what is obvious to even the most casual observer the legislature in Trenton has used every smoke and mirror trick in the book in an ongoing attempt to fund an unsustainable government. Even the iconic Homestead Rebate that State Government doles out every year like an anorexic chicken passed from the back door of Tammany Hall to pay for a vote has pretty much disappeared. After months of bad news from Trenton that has still not caused one of our Assembly or Senate to take a hatchet to spending a miracle occurred this week.

Apparently our astute State Treasurer located 550 million dollars they did not know they had! Imagine that, misplacing 550 million dollars. Now, like everyone else I have lost things in the past. Keys leap to mind and the occasional small piece of hardware. But I am hard pressed to understand how anyone with the proper amount of chromosomes could "misplace" that amount of money. Now Corzine and his cabinet have explained to we dunces that this is found money that resulted from a State Tax Amnesty program. Does that then mean that the entire Department of Taxation is incapable of tracking down 550 million dollars worth of tax cheats?

Great. Crooked and incompetent. Welcome to New Jersey. Where apparently the tap water has eroded the free will of the majority of us who keep putting these people in office.

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