Friday, June 19, 2009

On the road again

Desperately needing a respite from the silliness going on in New Jersey (budgeting in the face of looming bankruptcy aka the Trenton shuffle) we decided to take a long weekend and get out of town for the first time in.....well, its been a while. Leaving Number One son home to work and ostensibly be in charge of the menagerie we headed south this morning for a two hour jaunt to Cape May. After a very tasty breakfast at a place called McGlades (thanks Cape May Sue) we boarded the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and crossed the bay to Delaware. After winding our way through Delaware (I could get to like it there) and Maryland we are now in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore. Lots to see here but this is but an overnight pit stop before going to Washington DC in the morning.

The National Aquarium here is really great and there is way to much to see in the short time we are here. If I wasn't too lazy to make yet another trip to the car I would upload pictures but that will have to wait for some additional motivation. For all of you who have made the request that I appropriately greet our Commander in Chief should we cross paths I have been diligently practicing that one fingered wave just in case I see his motorcade. He could use a little Jersey hospitality.

(A parting shot of the Cape May Lighthouse from the M/V Delaware)

But for now, off to a local crab house for the best crab on the east coast. Maryland Crab!

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