Sunday, September 13, 2009

Capture the moment

As a crappy amateur photographer I am often paranoid about the shots that I take. Clearly the advent of digital photography has made life much easier in that you can take a gazillion shots and just delete those that aren't up to snuff. Once in a while though strictly by luck you are fortunate enough to catch a friend or family member in a ridiculous moment and it is cause for decades of ridicule. Really, just think about all of those seventies school photos you have tucked away.

Compliments of my favorite EMS dispatcher Monica I am happy to pass along this link to Awkward Family Photos. This is an eclectic collection of truly funny pictures with some excellent commentary. If you enjoyed the People of Walmart post this site is right up your alley. Enjoy.

And yes, I really had a hard time picking only one to post.

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