Monday, September 21, 2009

Mile marker

Not that it is a big deal but as I sat down to post this afternoon I realized that this will be post number 500 in this little enterprise. While I am certainly not the most prolific blog writer I hope some of what you have read here has been interesting. Take this afternoon for instance.

My daughter arrived home from school and since she was awarded a homework pass she went right to her new favorite activity, Wizards 101. While I remained in a quasi vegetative state since the night shift was not too great last night I was jolted from my semi repose by a loud roar outside and the ringing of my cell phone. I hustled outside in time to see two fighter jets at a relatively low level flying a lazy circle.

This week at the UN (a veritable stone's throw from my New Jersey suburb) many of the world's leaders are gathering for the General Assembly meeting. No doubt the jets were part of a huge security umbrella that will be in place during their visit.

While the phone continued to ring from a few concerned acquaintances I marveled at the beauty of these engineering marvels and took pause to remember those brave men and women who protect our country from attack. If they would do a fly by every April 15th I would probably whine a bit less about the annual check for the government. Alas, they will probably run Acorn commercials on that day instead.

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