Friday, September 18, 2009

Veritas Visuals

First let me let out a well deserved Wow! While perusing the local paper today I was pleased to find out that the man behind Veritas Visuals is a Rutgers University graduate. That information in many respects is ironic. Up until now I thought that all Rutgers students were whiny liberal bitches who sponged off of their hard working parents while bad mouthing their country to anyone who would listen. Clearly I was mistaken, at least where James O'Keefe III is concerned.

James O'Keefe III - who used a hidden camera to tape a Rutgers official in 2004 for his tongue-in-cheek campaign suggesting "Lucky Charms" cereal was offensive to Irish Americans - created a political firestorm with his portrayal of a pimp who accompanied a woman posing as a prostitute at offices of the controversial group ACORN.

You may not yet recognize the name but he is the genius who brought us all of that delicious ACORN footage. In addition to exposing them for what they truly are he even added in a bit of an homage to the 1970's version of Starsky and Hutch with the costumes they employed.

It is nice to know that we have such creativity in the conservative side of the equation. As an added bonus is that he is not grotesquely overweight, does not smell like fermented cheese nor does he affect a vacant gaze like his liberal counterpart Michael Moore.

Stop over at to see more of his work and support this fine young man who was educated "on the banks of the old Raritan".

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