Friday, September 18, 2009

Polish Alzheimers

Most of the time when I post it is largely a matter of opinion. Of course if the topic is one in which I have extensive expertise you can count on the straight and accurate scoop. Such is the case today as I recover from the news that Poland has been betrayed again.

For those of you that do not have a Polish community in your area, let me explain the ramifications of this.

The United States and Poland remain close allies despite President Obama's decision to drop plans for a missile defense shield in the Eastern European country, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk insisted Thursday.

I laughed out loud when I read that assertion. Again Poland finds herself being treated as the world's doormat. Over the centuries Poland has been invaded, partitioned and fleeced by it's neighbors. This is despite the bravery and steadfastness of the Polish people. You may be able to knock them down, but keeping them down is another story.

The Obama administration has again showed weakness in foreign policy and caved to the Soviet Union. No, that is not a typo. Don't fool yourself, they are back. I know some of my more centrist readers will look at that comment and immediately begin to consider if I haven't gone over the conservative deep end, but it would be a mistake for anyone to forget that Putin is not too far removed from the Soviet era. And it is clear from his actions that Soviet domination and a return to the good old days in Russia would not make him unhappy.

The current plan of Russia to assist Venezuela in acquiring nuclear technology is nothing short of a twenty first century Cuban missle crisis. And unlike his hero JFK (my disdain for all things Kennedy is never ending) he not only blinked but peed his pants. So now there will not be a missle shield in Europe. At least not one that will deter the Soviets from expansionist designs. And to boot Obama has alienated a ham fisted, iron spined ally that would stand up when it really counts. Who can forget the GROM commandos and their incredible heroism in the Gulf War. No French commandos there. Remember folks, in the face of the Nazi blitzkrieg and facing certain death, Polish cavalry charged Panzer tanks on horseback knowing full well they would die. This is a people that do not pay lip service to ideas like honor, bravery and loyalty.

What Obama will soon find out that for all of their loyalty, Polish people will not let anyone crap on them. They are a tremendous asset to have on your side. But let me tell you candidly, they are not a nation to piss off. And despite the assurances from the mouthpieces in the Polish Government, all is not well in greater Polonia. I assure you that even the most loyal Democratic voters in the Chicago machine will remind Obama in the next election cycle that they are infinitely more Polish then democratic.

Polish Alzheimers. We forget everything but a grudge.

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