Sunday, September 27, 2009

No shrinking violet

Lets face it. If you spend more than five minutes outside of the comparative safety of your home you are bombarded with information. It is a part of the twenty first century that cannot be ignored. But I would like to implore the folks on Madison Avenue to establish just a bit of decorum.

As the title of this post will attest I am no shrinking violet. Nor am I prudish. But it occurs to me that there are a great many products being hawked on every form of media available that in the not so distant past would have been relegated to the more private areas of life.

I can still remember being appalled at the first explicit ad I ever saw for feminine hygiene products. Certainly not as appalled as the first time my wife sent me to the local store to purchase some for her. But over the years I have been desensitized to such effrontery. But by extending the limits of what we will endure in this assault on our modesty we are encouraging the madness to continue.

Now maybe you are a more accepting type than I. but I implore you to consider if we need to watch some old bat obliquely extol the benefits of her personal vibrator? Why in the course of running my child around to various appointments must I change from the talk radio station to another selection in order to avoid exposing my nine year old to a commercial for a local car dealer who is giving up sex until his crappy car dealership is number one?

The First Amendment is very precious to me and I would never do anything to impede a citizen's right to free expression. But there has to be a point where someone realizes that if we don't cut down our childrens over exposure to things that used to be private in a polite society we will soon be watching commercials for puppy blenders on late night TV.

It is bad enough that I was in line at the Wal Mart today behind a fellow purchasing a body shaver with six position versatility. When I have to have my TV viewing interrupted by a commercial by a guy with so much body hair that it looks like he is wearing mohair pajamas extolling the products virtue, that is where I draw the line.

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