Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another reason I don't admire the Kennedy's

As I often do when the shift slows down I find myself taking a bit of time over lunch to read the days newspapers. While I read most of my news online there are always a few old fashioned newspapers laying about for my perusal while I dine. Today I was reading the NY Daily News and on the page where you can track the latest celebrity sighting or debauchery I came upon the headline “Ted’s Kopechne talks came to grief”. It was a short article in which Edward Klein the author of “Ted Kennedy: The Dream that never died” wrote “the burden of guilt sat on Ted’s chest like an anvil”.

The book apparently details in some fashion the two visits Kennedy made to the Kopechne family in the aftermath of the crash in which the 28 year old woman drowned. Klein says Kennedy twice went to the family to explain what really happened but “he could never find the words to confess how the 28 year old died”. Gee, I wonder why? At a time when he in the early stages of his juggernaut of a political career I guess it was an inopportune time for honesty.

Maybe his conduct served as inspiration for Al Gore’s book. Apparently what happened on that bridge on July 18, 1969 was an inconvenient truth.

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