Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to pay the tab

It was inevitable. Spending like drunken sailors on leave the Congress and our esteemed President have doled out BILLIONS of dollars in "stimulus money" to every Tom, Dick and Harry. And now, panic has set in. Not the 1930's bank panic but the liberal elite kind of panic when the realization sets in that now someone has to pay for their version of Utopia. Apparently word has leaked that the Obama Administration is quietly exploring the idea of a National Sales Tax to be heaped upon the shoulders of taxpayers on top of the load of taxes that currently keep us in servitude until about June 1 every year.

Think of the prospects of this proposal. In a time where almost no one has a spare cent and we are all living check to check in order that we can keep putting money in our 401k accounts so it can disappear with the rest of it, everything you buy would increase in price. This in order to keep funding government programs that reward inactivity and tax the rest of us to the point that the "Great American Success Story" will become the thing of fable. Just think of it. Stopping at the local hot dog cart and spending three dollars for a tasty Sabrett. A Dunkin Donuts morning coffee for a reasonable four dollars. Like a metastasized cancer this tax will spread throughout the fabric of every household in the country and slowly kill us all. Not to mention that it is another slip of a few feet down the slippery slope of Socialism.

I finally have HOPE. Hope that the overt thievery pervading Washington will ensure a coup via ballot and will put a stop to this nonsense.

A more thorough view of this proposal can be found here.

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