Monday, May 18, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

One of the down sides of being a night shift guy is the need to get your sleep when the rest of the world is running all around you. Take this morning for instance. As I stumbled through the door my wife was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for my daughter and the big lazy dog that lives with us. Interesting that we never know who will be last down the stairs though the large one is usually the least interested in starting her day. So, after playing with the beast who would not take no for an answer I went upstairs to dynamite my oldest from his bedroom as he has to be at training for his new summer job this morning and does not know how to tie a necktie. I would have just tied it on me and left it but though he is a strapping lad his neck is like a stack of dimes compared to mine.

After finally dozing for a much needed twenty minutes I was gently awakened by my blushing bride. It seems Junior needed his Social Security Card for his first day at the new job and I had to join in the frenzied search. That having been accomplished my ass had not yet reconnected with the couch before he came flying in the door to report that he had rear ended a neighbor from up the street. Great news, eh? So, since his bumper is rubbing on his front tire my wife volunteered to drive him, I called the nice young lady with the damaged car and made arrangements for its repair and am sitting here blogging with full knowledge that at some point I will have to take his car and magically get it fixed before tomorrow so we do not have a repeat of this mornings frenzy in the AM.

Sounds like I am off to a real home run of a day.

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Nescro said...

are you sure this isnt a nightmare? it might as well be.