Friday, May 29, 2009

One Upped

Not long ago I proudly posted about my lunch meeting with former US Attorney and future NJ Governor Chris Christie. I must admit I was kind of proud to have been invited and became an instant fan of the guy. And of course its always nice to brag to your friends about meeting a public figure.

Well, as the title says, I have been one upped. Perhaps more appropriately I have been two upped. My old friend Jerry is also a Dirty Copper and works on the side as a Paramedic. We have worked together for many years as EMS prostitutes (per Diem medics), though of late that has been a fairly rare occurrence. Largely because we each have geographical preferences for which unit we like to work, he the north and I the south. Though I also suspect part of the reason we are rarely scheduled together is that putting us together and letting us loose amongst the Volunteer Squad folks would be like having Heydrich and Himmler cater the Rosenberg Bar Mitzvah, but again I digress.

So here are two nice pics he sent me via email and I will officially add him to the rolls of people I know who have met famous people.

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