Friday, May 8, 2009

Still have HOPE?

Another little nugget from today outlines how President Obama will begin to trim the fat from the Federal Budget.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is asking Congress to slash almost in half a 43-year-old Justice Department program that provides death, disability and education benefits to the families of slain police and public safety officers.

Isn't it nice that the President and Romulus and Remus.....sorry, I meant to say Pelosi and Reid can spread around Trillions in tax dollars to shore up continued societal dysfunction but elect instead to gut federal monies intended for the families of those Cops and Firemen who make the ultimate sacrifice for their communities. Well, there is change for you.

You can catch the rest of the spin here at the link.

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Nescro said...

well, since you put it that way... this is true.