Saturday, May 16, 2009

We know not the time or the hour...

Just the other night I was working with MacGyver and the shift started off pleasantly enough. It was almost 8:45 and we were catching up with some things in preparation for assuming the Paramedic position (horizontal). I had occasion to glance across the room in search of a form I needed when I noticed my partner had taken his boots off violating a cardinal rule of EMS night shift superstition. Shoes stay on until 9pm or the night will generally go down the crapper. Sure enough before I could formulate the correct profanity with which to address him (you know I am a stickler for good grammar) the pager went off and we were on our way to a rather heinous traffic accident.

Gory details aside, in addition to two critical patients we had a sixteen year old DOA. One minute sitting in the back seat of a friends SUV cruising down the highway then roll over, seconds of terror, then dead. Someone at the scene pointed out that at that moment somewhere in the vicinity were two parents sitting on a couch thinking that their biggest problem in the world was that they would have to wait until September for the new episodes of LOST.

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