Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Job Security

I saw something like this once in the Primate House at the Bronx Zoo.

From the Associated Press:

N.J. man charged in police station restroom rampage


A South Jersey man is in a mess of trouble for allegedly making a mess inside a police station.

Gloucester Township police say 24-year-old Jason Detora of Westville was at the station early Sunday with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Nicole Leadbeater, who'd been arrested for driving under the influence. She'd gone to pick him up at a bar where he couldn't pay his bill.

Police say Detora went into the men's room, defecated on the floor, smeared feces on the walls and set fire to paper towels and toilet paper.

She is free on bail. He's being held at the Camden County Jail on arson and criminal mischief charges. It wasn't known if either had retained a lawyer.

Mr. and Mrs. Detora must be very proud.

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