Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For those of you wondering......

And I know a great many of you are. There are many people who surmise that police in America are a racially insensitive bunch of louts who if not for the intervention of a politician would be emptying garbage cans along the Jersey Shore. In almost twenty five years of service I have personally been subject to accusations of racially motivated actions for simply doing my job. It does not seem to matter one bit that I have never once witnessed anyone being arrested because of the color of their skin or the manner in which they worship. Without exception anyone I have ever had the occasion to deprive of their liberty has been the direct result of their stupidity.

While I would rather drive nails into my forehead than watch CNN by way of the Drudge Report I came across this video regarding recent events at Harvard. Black, white, yellow or brown ceases to matter when you put that hideous blue polyester uniform for the first time. What you learn rapidly in this line of work is that outside of a physical description, color is meaningless. It is not in any way a common denominator. Stupidity and bad judgement however are and that type of behavior transcends all issues of race and socio economic status.

This video is an important educational tool to help those who think they are in the know truly understand what transpired on that porch at Harvard University. And further it is a sterling example of another blunder by the current occupant of the Oval Office.

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