Friday, July 10, 2009

Marching to your own drum

While enjoying this sunny afternoon my lovely wife asked if I would like to go check out a Flea Market in Farmingale. While a good many people I know would turn their nose up at such a suggestion I eagerly said yes. It is a perfect place to look for antique this and that and to people watch.

There are two ways to engage in this little diversion, passive or active. Normally passive is fine but if you need to quench your thirst for knowledge, active it is.

I spotted "Wolf" catching a quick snack after picking up some Harley Davidson odds and ends. After the initial "which of those hurt the worst" inquiry we had a nice chat. Turns out we hail from the same hometown. He was a nice guy and while I will continue to keep my tatoos in more traditional spots I admire his carefree inividuality.

By the way, you're looking at over 90 hours under the needle.

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