Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rural America has figured it out

Wattsburg, Pa.Vice President Joe Biden visited a small town on the outskirts of Erie today to talk to rural folks about federal stimulus money that can be used to expand broadband access to the Internet for rural areas that typically have poor connections.

Apparently stimulus money and broadband are not all that interesting to the local folk here: Only around 100 or so people have showed up so far to hear Biden talk at noon at Seneca High School off Route 8 in Wattsburg.

The room looked so sparse that about 30 or so chairs were removed by volunteers to give the illusion of a full house.

The effect didn't exactly work.

The Farmers did, that is why they did not have time to waste listening to the rantings of this buffoon.

And now, some bassoons to salute the buffoon.

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