Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More nervous than a cat on a frozen pond

A telling episode recounted by Senate Finance ranking member Charles Grassley reveals the Obama administration might be more worried than they are letting on that a Republican senator's comparison of the healthcare overhaul to Waterloo might be dangerously close to the truth.
Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama's bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes.
"Let's just lay everything on the table," Grassley said. "A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn't going to pass if there weren't some changes made ... and the president says, 'You're going to destroy my presidency.' "

Maybe he needs Rahm to feed him the same fantasy they are trying to sell to the American Public. While the defeat of the Health Care plan might destroy his presidency it will certainly save the future of the people in this country. Well, at least the ones that foot the bills.

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