Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A job well done

Sometimes you get a gentle reminder that the lessons you learned as a kid remain relevant throughout your life. I can still hear my parents saying "a job worth doing is a job worth doing right". In witness to this idea I present for your consideration The Recycling Guy. I happened to be on a street in town early this morning as this man navigated his mamouth vehicle through the narrow streets. Due to some construction in the area he had to park some distance from his pick ups and walk them down the street to his truck. During one such trip he had placed the empty cans on the curb and returned to his truck in preparation to leave. All of a sudden he sprinted from the cab and bolted up the street. For a brief second I thought there might be a problem. There was. He had inadvertantly droppped a solitary aluminum can on the ground. Not a big deal I will grant you. Just some
small service excellence that would ordinarily pass without notice. While this fellow is not engaged in life saving research he obviously takes pride in providing good service to the customers on his route. His employer and customers are lucky to have him.

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