Monday, July 6, 2009

Tempus Fugit

A brief break from back yard vacationing for a momentary realization.

Working, whether its a 24, 40 or 80 hour week for most of the year you tend to lose track of time. Or more accurately you find that during the week you have precious little of it to spend time doing either chores neglected or just general things you would rather be doing. Having just completed, with the capable assistance of my soon to be nine year old daughter a little project that is going to make my long suffering wife quite happy I grabbed my cell phone to send her a picture of the completed project. As I pressed the few buttons I needed to send the picture I noticed that the battery had only about a third of a charge on it and needed to be plugged in tonight. Not a big deal I suppose but what gave me pause was that at minimum I usually have to charge the dreaded electronic leash at least once a day. Its now been four days since it has required a charge. What a refreshing change.

A vacation at home brings its own work, but at your own pace in your own place. And while you need to do the daily grind for the bulk of the year its nice to just kick back and get some little things that will brighten someone else's day.

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