Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Congressman King

Like many of you I am beyond tired of the Michael Jackson news. It has degenerated to the point where it reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live bit where Chevy Chase would start Weekend Update with the reminder that Generalissimo Francisco Franco was still dead. We have gone from the nominal celebrity worship to beyond absurd in record time. We are going on eleven days now and they have not even trotted out his emaciated corpse for what will I am sure be a prolonged period of adulation. Enough already! A beloved President gets about seven days, a Holy Pope nine. Will we be subjected to a solid month of this sordid mess?

Apparently Congressman Peter King agrees.

I don't think that the Congressman has any particular axe to grind. But he does a nice job about putting the contributions one can make in life in to their proper perspective. Michael Jackson was a very talented entertainer with an amazingly bizarre lifestyle. Public adulation should be saved for everyday heroes who make America the great country that it is.

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