Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Line of Duty Death

For those of us that make up the thin blue line it is a heart wrenching thing when one of our number is killed or maimed by some animal. It is especially hard when the incident occurs close to home.

On July 16th Detective Mark DiNardo of the Jersey City Police Department was shot while attempting with his ESU team to apprehend two armed piles of excrement that had earlier wounded other Jersey City Officers. Sadly, Detective DiNardo has died from his wounds.

The subject that fired the fatal shot had just been released from prison after serving time on a weapons charge that Detective DiNardo had charged him with.

This man even served his community in death. Detective DiNardo's organs were transplanted to five people in dire need of this life saving procedure.

In your charity please remember this brave man, his wife and three young children in your prayers.

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