Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh No! Not the "R" Word!

Who knew?

A billboard proclaiming that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican has stirred a religious and political hornets' nest in Houston, where a church leader is trying to draw black voters into the Republican Party.

The jumbo-sized roadside ad made its contentious claim for about a week -- until a local black activist charged that the sign unjustly politicized King's legacy and was hurting his community by telling a "blatant lie."

"Martin Luther King may have very well believed in some of the Christian principles of the Republican Party, but Dr. Martin Luther King was not a Republican or a Democrat," said Quanell X, who heads the New Black Panther Party in Houston.

Who would have the nerve to call the Civil Rights Icon such a "dirty" name? The next thing you know they will accuse him of wanting people of all colors to be self reliant, thrifty and to eschew the government dole. What is this topsy turvy era of Socialist mania coming to?

Both the photo and article are from Fox News.

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